Changes to Spellcasting Specifications

The video below demonstrates all the specification changes and additional features described in this update.

* The character portrayed is controlled via keyboard and mouse.
* Background music of this video is for a development environment and differs from the release version.

* The following changes are scheduled for the 1.21 patch release.
* Features are under development and subject to change or postponement.
Patch 1.21 will include changes that affect how spells are cast.
Read on for details about the new spell-casting specifications.

  • Moving will cancel a spell that is being cast

    A spell will be canceled if the character moves while it is being cast.

  • Target-facing feature to be expanded

    Along with the change that cancels spell casting when the character moves, the Face Target option (on the keyboard settings page at main menu » Configuration » Keyboard) will change as follows:

    When the Face Target option is activated, the player character will immediately turn to face the main target. If the player character is in motion when Face Target is activated, the character will come to an immediate halt.
    * By default, this is executed by pressing the H key. The function can be mapped to another key from main menu » Configuration » Keyboard.
    * Can be activated with the text command /facetarget.

  • Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell option to be added

    A new option, Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell, will be added under the configuration menu.
    This feature is being added with the following expectations:

    Gamepad players will enable sub-targeting.

    • Gamepad players will enable sub-targeting.
    • Mouse and keyboard players will disable sub-targeting.

    When using a gamepad, selecting an action and target from the action bar is a two-step process that does not use a pointing device.

    1. Select action
    2. Select target of that action

    In this case, the sub-targeting system will be implemented.

    On the other hand, mouse and keyboard players use a pointing device such as a mouse.

    1. Click on target
    2. Click on action icon

    In this case, sub-target selection is not required.

    The intent behind this addition to the configuration menu is to better match gameplay control to the keyboard or gamepad, two very different kinds of input devices. Before using the feature, players should acquaint themselves with how the controls change when sub-targeting is enabled and disabled.

    ・Changes when sub-targeting is toggled on and off

    When the Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell option is enabled and a player uses the action bar as before to cast a spell, the game will switch to sub-targeting mode and the player can select a target for the spell. Players will not be able to target KO’d characters as main targets.

    When the option is disabled, the game will not switch to sub-targeting mode when a spell is selected from the action bar. Instead, the spell will be cast on the main target, with spell casting beginning immediately. Players will be able to target KO’d characters as main targets.
    * Enabled by default.

    When using text commands to cast magic, players must use or to select a target, so the Use Sub-target When Casting Spell setting will not apply.

    In addition, from Patch 1.21 an onwards, when creating a new character and selecting Keyboard & Mouse from the controls selection screen in the tutorial, the Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell option will be automatically disabled.
    * For current player characters, the Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell option will stay enabled until the player changes the settings.