Accessory Reform

[dev1244] Accessory Reform

* The following changes are planned for patch 1.21.
* All features are under development and subject to change.

  • Patch 1.21 will see major reforms carried out on accessories.

    Currently, the equipping of accessories is regulated by slot cost, and players cannot equip items in the location of their choice. In order to improve usability and achieve balance with the battle reforms commenced in patch 1.18, slot cost will be removed from the game and new accessories with revised attributes will be added.

    Once slot cost is phased out, players will be able to freely equip accessories, given that other equipping requirements are fulfilled. In order to preserve balance with the recently commenced battle reforms, however, the number of accessory slots will be reduced from nine to five.

    Recipes and attributes for “dated” accessories will remain unchanged. Similar to the Recipe Revamp, old and new recipes will coexist for a time, with the former to be phased out at some time in the future.

    • New Items & Recipes

      New items and recipes will be added, and their attributes and optimal equipping/synthesis levels will be implemented as follows:

      • Attribute Revisions
        The new accessories being planned will not necessarily offer enhanced Physical Defense; however, among them will be those that grant benefits such as increased Enmity, Control, and Gathering.

        Item Comparison

        Old New
        Item Attributes Item Attributes
        Bone Armilla
        Suits: All Classes
        Optimal Level: 14
        Defense: +2
        MP: +16
        Bone Armilla Suits: All Classes
        Required Level: 14
        Defense: +1
        Enmity: +4
        Pearl Ring
        Suits: All Classes
        Optimal Level: 32
        Defense: +2
        Magic Accuracy: +4
        Pearl Ring Suits: All Classes
        Required Level: 39
        Magic Accuracy: +7
        Magic Crit Rate: +7
      • Disciple of the Hand/Land accessories:

        Item Attributes
        Fang Earring Suits: All Classes
        Required Level: 15
        Control: +2
        Raptor Choker
        * New item
        Suits: All Classes
        Required Level: 45
        Gathering: +5
      • Optimal Equipping/Synthesis Levels
        The optimal equipping/synthesis levels of new recipes will reflect the difficulty in obtaining their materials.
    • New Slot Structure

      Accessory slots will be consolidated as follows:

      Patch 1.20 Patch 1.21
      Right Ear Ear (*1)
      Left Ear
      Neck Unchanged
      Right Wrist Wrist (*2)
      Left Wrist
      Right Index Finger Right Hand Finger (*3)
      Right Ring Finger
      Left Index Finger Left Hand Finger (*3)
      Left Ring Finger

      * 1: With the exception of the moonlet, an equipped pair of earrings will appear on both ears.
      * 2: With the exception of the patriot’s bracelet, an equipped pair of bracelets will appear on both wrists.
      * 3: Rings will be worn on the index finger in patch 1.21. In the future, however, rings for the ring finger will also be added.