1.20a Patch Notes

Patch 1.20a is now live, and with it several changes such as adjustments to the difficulty of the “A Feast of Fools” quest, repairs for equipped items, and more!

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  • [dev1290] Unmarked keystones, for use on the “A Feast of Fools” quest, now drop from the following enemies:
    Anole / Scout Vulture / Black Wolf / Gigantoad / Spindiggle / Queen Gougou / Capricious Cassie / Buata / Great Oak / Spiteful After progressing to just before the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle, players can acquire any keystones they are missing by trading unmarked keystones to the NPC Pukwa Pika in the West Shroud (17,41). Each missing keystone (bloom, bud, bough, leaf, and trunk) will require two unmarked keystones.

    Exchanges can only be made for all missing keystones. Individual keystones cannot obtained separately in this manner.
    A player with a Keystone of the Bloom, but who is missing the other four keystones would be required to trade eight unmarked keystones at once.

    * Keystones can only be exchanged by players who have completed the quest “A Feast of Fools.”


  • [dev1290] The distribution of enemies, including guardians of the grove, has been adjusted in the Turning Leaf area of the West Shroud.
  • [dev1290] The following enemies no longer link: Spindiggle / Spiteful


  • [dev1291] Repair requests can now be made for equipped gear.

    ≪Making a Repair Request≫

    Open the main menu and select Gear » Repair Gear. To place your request, select the gear you wish to repair (main hand and off hand, armor).

    Placing a repair request requires both gil and dark matter. The amount of gil and grade of dark matter needed are determined by the repair level of the item, and are as follows:

    • Level 1–10: 100 gil and grade 1 dark matter
    • Level 11–20: 200 gil and grade 2 dark matter
    • Level 21–30: 300 gil and grade 3 dark matter
    • Level 31–40: 400 gil and grade 4 dark matter
    • Level 41–50: 500 gil and grade 5 dark matter

    A repair request icon will appear next to the display names of players with open requests.

    To cancel a repair request, open the main menu and select Gear » Cancel Request . Requests will not be closed automatically, even if all gear is repaired.

    ≪Accepting a Repair Request≫

    1. Target a player with an open repair request, and select Repair from the interaction menu, or simply click on the repair icon that appears in the micro menu.

    2. To repair an item, your current class must match its repair class. Choose an individual item, or use the Repair All option to select all items you are capable of repairing.
      * All dark matter used in the repair process is provided by the player making the request.

    3. After repairs are complete, you will receive both gil and experience points. The amounts are determined by the level of the item(s) repaired.

    * Both players must remain within a certain distance of one another for repairs to be possible.


  • [dev1251] Direct purchases from the item search interface can now be made within market areas.
  • [dev1292] Selecting achievements now displays a progression gauge.

  • [dev1293] The following changes have been made to the player search feature.
    • Online statuses shown in player search results now display only current statuses.
    • When multiple search conditions are chosen, they will be abbreviated as needed with ellipses.
    • The Accept button has been removed from the Your Settings interface.
      * Settings are now saved automatically when Close is selected.
    • An orange frame has been added to Preferred Class icons displayed in player search results.

  • [dev1294] Moving the mouse while popup help text is displayed now causes that text to disappear.
  • [dev1295] Only KO’d party members can now be targeted when casting a raise spell.

Bug Fixes

  • The following bugs have been addressed:
    • A bug wherein the party member targeting feature also targeted KO’d party members.
    • A bug wherein after a player joined a party via the Seeking Party feature, leaving the party or having it disbanded would cause that player’s online status to revert to what it was before Seeking Party settings were made.
    • A bug wherein spells whose areas of effect center on the target would affect the caster even when not in range.
    • A bug wherein casting graphics would continue to be displayed for enemies whose casts were interrupted by sustaining damage or suffering a status ailment.
    • A bug wherein no motion was displayed when using Berserk.
    • A bug wherein the Aegis Boon effect would not fade when 0 damage was sustained from an attack as a result of Stoneskin.
    • A bug wherein no battle log message was displayed when the Decoy was used to evade the moogle ability Break.
    • A bug wherein status effects preventing casting could be dispelled.
    • A bug wherein no message indicating a significant level disparity was displayed when undertaking a behest at ten or more levels above the recommended level.
    • A bug wherein enmity being reset in the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle would result in the enemy ceasing to act.
    • A bug wherein opening the treasure chest following the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle with little time remaining would not result in a time extension.
    • A bug wherein Moogle-Go-Round, Mognesia, and Pom Flare would take effect even when no targets were in range in the Good King Moggle Mog XII battle.
      * This does not apply to Pukla Puki the Pomburner’s Pom Flare.
    • A bug wherein moogles receiving healing at the point of death would regain HP and continue fighting rather than dying.
    • A bug wherein moogles executing weaponskills at the point of death would complete those actions before dying.
    • A bug wherein the reduction of enmity by half associated with Shroud of Saints was not being granted.
    • A bug wherein the repair class for the following items was incorrect: Ranger’s Hat / Ranger’s Hat (Red) / Rainmaker’s Hat / Rainmaker’s Hat (Blue)
    • A bug wherein the physical defense of the following items was incorrect: Felt Trousers (Green) / Felt Trousers (Blue) / Felt Trousers (Brown)
    • A bug wherein the graphics for the following items were displayed incorrectly: Woolen Shirt (Red) / Woolen Shirt (Grey) / Woolen Shirt of Invoking (Red) / Woolen Shirt of Invoking (Grey)
    • A bug wherein the class explanations offered at all Disciple of War guilds contained inaccurate information.