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19 Sep 2014

Shinra Technologies Is Square Enix’s Cloud Gaming Service

Square Enix has revealed Shinra Technologies at the Tokyo Game Show which some people might remember as Project FLARE. Former Square Enix President Yoichi Wada will take command as President at Shinra Technologies which is headquartered in New York with offices in Tokyo and Montreal. This new company has also partnered with Just Cause developer Avalanche studios.
26 Mar 2013

Square Enix President Yoichi Wada Steps Down

Square Enix was revising their forecast for this fiscal year and noticed that things weren’t going quite as they had hoped. Previously, Square Enix had a profits forecast of 3.5 billion yen. Unfortuneatly that number has now gone in opposite direction. By a lot. The estimated loss is 13 billion yen (or $137.9 million). As
25 May 2011

Square Enix Revealing New MMO “Sometime This Year”

During a recent financial meeting, Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced that the company is working on a big MMO in addition to the more recent Final Fantasy XIV. Wada stated “I think we will reveal it sometime this year”. Also mentioned in their financial report, Square Enix has plans to “Revitalize our major MMO
4 Nov 2010

President Wada Determined to Regain Trust

Yahoo! News Japan has posted an article from Mainichi Shimbun regarding comments made about Final Fantasy XIV at a financial results presentation recently held by Square Enix.  You can see our translated version of the article below.  For those that would like to see the financial report in its entirety, head to Square Enix Holding’s
25 Nov 2009

Quasi-FFXIV Related News Round-up

There has not been too much news of late, but there were a few FFXIV related articles that cropped up in the news.  For those jonesing for something to read on this day-before-turkey-day, here are a few links to catch up on from the past few weeks. Final Fantasy XI: Is FFXI Doomed? This article