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19 Jan 2022

Review: Blackwind

It can be a wonderful thing to stumble on a game that just lets you turn your brain off and have some fun. There’s a unique catharsis to it, even; sometimes you simply don’t want to worry about concerning yourself with the finer details of a brainteasing plot or mastering complex inputs with precise timing.
11 Jan 2022

Preview: Infernax

I’m one of those “90s kids” that grew up with games of the 8-bit and 16-bit generations. I have a lot of nostalgia both for the art style and game design of that era, and I am absolutely LOVING the resurgence of retro throwbacks. The latest in this trend is Infernax, a monster-packed side-scrolling action
20 Dec 2021

Review: Asteroids: Recharged

Early gaming has always fascinated me to some extent. Given that video gaming itself can largely be tracked to scientists goofing off on an oscilloscope to eventually grow into a lucrative and profitable economic mainstay is ridiculous feat in such a short amount of time. While they are merely a shadow of their former selves
26 Nov 2021

Review: Battlefield 2042

Oh, hey guys. It’s me, Grant, I’m back from the year 2042. You thought 2020 wasn’t so hot? Looks like we’re in for another world war in 20 years or so. At least according to EA and DICE’s Battlefield 2042. So if you can’t wait 20 years, I’m here with the deets on how things
4 Nov 2021

Preview: Weird West

If you’ve been a semi-casual Gamer Escape reader this past summer (which you should be, duh), you’ve probably come across our past coverage of Weird West, a top-down cel-shaded action RPG developed by some of the core staff behind Arkane Studios and games such as Dishonored. Published by Devolver Digital, it drew me in since
25 Oct 2021

Review: Gleylancer

Ever since finally getting my hands on a PC Engine Duo (or, as it was known in the US, the TurboDuo), I’ve been on a bit of a shmup kick. The system is known for its absolute glut of space shooters, after all, so why not dive in and see what it actually had to
21 Oct 2021

Review: Tandem: A Tale of Shadows

It’s that time of year again. The autumnal season is in full swing, and our current proximity to Halloween could very well move you to seek out TV shows, movies, music, and video games to commemorate the month of harrowing haunts and spectral spirits. There’s no shortage of spooky titles asking for your time, but
19 Sep 2021

Review: Aragami 2

A short while ago we previewed Aragami 2, the sequel to the 2016 indie stealth action game Aragami, seeing what had changed from the original and what we were looking forward to. However, that preview left a few burning questions, so we just had to take the opportunity to look at the final release. Aragami
17 Sep 2021

Everything Revealed at THQ Nordic’s 10th Anniversary Showcase

Today saw THQ Nordic’s first digital presentation in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary. As you’d expect from a showcase ringing in a decade of publishing games, it was suitably filled with reveals of projects currently in development and new looks at a couple of previously announced titles.
8 Sep 2021

Review: Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa

I’m always somewhat skeptical when it comes to plot-based decision making in games. Typically, you’ll be offered one of three choices in every situation: something a nice person would do, something a mean person would do, and something that falls somewhere in between the two.
12 Aug 2021

Review: Foreclosed

Cyberpunk is one of the most interesting subgenres of science fiction. It’s a demonstrably solid framework for writing flawed and morally gray characters, beaten down by a world brought to the edge of collapse by the whims of puppeteering corporations and capitalism run amok. Often, it explores the question mark of human consciousness, individuality, and
1 Aug 2021

Weird West is Sleek, Stylish, and Set for Success

When Weird West was first announced at The Game Awards 2019, I was cautiously optimistic. An action RPG developed by the collective headed by the original creators of Dishonored and Arkane Studios, all while being published by Devolver Digital? It sounded way, way too good to be true.
30 Jul 2021

Review: Fuga: Melodies of Steel

Never before have I felt both so excited and so afraid to review a title before. The latest in the Little Tail Bronx series of loosely connected games, I’ve been a fan of the series for some time now. However, I also knew the story would absolutely break my heart. It’s a tale of vengeance,
29 Jul 2021

Review: Cris Tales

There’s no denying that Cris Tales is one of those games that immediately catches your eye. Regardless of how you first come across it, something about the art style adorning the videos and images promoting the game (like the one directly above what you’re reading now) draws you in to find out more.
26 Jul 2021

Review: Samurai Warriors 5

When I first booted up Samurai Warriors 5, I wasn’t sure what to expect. On the one hand, I’d played Warriors games before, and was well aware of their penchant for delivering a unique action game experience while also not switching things up too much. On the other hand, it was clear that this particular
30 Jun 2021

Preview: Death’s Door

You get to run around as an adorable crow slaying monsters ten times your size with a glowing red sword, do I REALLY need to say anymore? But if that sentence failed to convince you, allow me to regale you with the my full experience for Death’s Door, releasing July 20, 2021 for Xbox systems
24 Jun 2021

Review: Chivalry II

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a thing for medieval stuff. Knights, castles, siege weapons, swords, bows, everything really. I also really dug the more fantasy type stuff like wizards and elves and such. I have some real pieces of armor, swords and stuff in my personal space, so that should validate
23 Jun 2021

Review: Scarlet Nexus

Given that it’s still a relatively new system, I have been anxiously awaiting more games for the PlayStation 5. Scarlet Nexus was one of my most anticipated titles, as it was supposed to scratch that modern JRPG itch that I’ve felt for a while now. In a lot of ways, the game definitely delivered and
14 Jun 2021

Square Enix Reveals Guardians of the Galaxy Game

After the mixed reception of Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal have announced that they’ll be working on another Marvel property: Guardian’s of the Galaxy. This new, single player game, will have players jumping into the jet-boots of Star-Lord as he’s joined by the rest of the Guardians to fight for the fate of the
13 Jun 2021

Square Enix Announces Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Today, during Square Enix’s E3 live stream, the company revealed Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, a game being made in collaboration with Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo Games. The game will feature Jack and his companions Ash and Jed, who are Warriors of Light, as they work to open the gates of the Chaos