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3 weeks ago

Square Enix Reinforces Stance on Third-Party Tools Following FFXIV World First Race

The world race for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest ultimate fight, Dragonsong’s Reprise, ended last week with the European team “Neverland” claiming the title on May 2nd. Since then, other groups have announced their completion of FFXIV’s hardest fight to date, showing off screenshots or clips from their live streams. A video of what was said
1 month ago

MogTalk Announces Casters for FFXIV World Race For Charity: Dragonsong’s Reprise

Dragonsong’s Reprise, Final Fantasy XIV‘s fourth Ultimate fight, is, after several delays, finally upon us. With it comes the race to that prestigious World First claim. As with previous Ultimate fights and Savage raids, MogTalk is once again hosting the “Final Fantasy XIV World Race for Charity”. A recently announced list of 17 hosts will