21 May 2013

New White Mage Image Revealed In IE10 Site Themes

The promotional website for Internet Explorer 10 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has seen an update today which will allow those that make a post through the site vita Twitter or Facebook to download a theme for Windows. This theme includes various sound effects in addition to two new wallpapers. One never before
1 Jun 2011

These Wallpapers Are Too Awesome Not To Share

Who doesn’t love some awesome Final Fantasy wallpaper for their desktops? These two were created by Randis and shared on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums. You can pick up both the Tonberry and Goblin riding a Chocobo in 1280×1024 as well as 1920×1080 via the links posted on the forums. Randis has also posted
26 Jul 2009

Mithra and Galka and… wallpaper… oh my!

Sure, so far Square Enix has released only 23 total, officially images from FFXIV.  But that hasn’t stopped our community members from letting their creative juices flow and making some amazing wallpapers.  Whether you are reading all you can about FFXIV on a wide screen, narrow screen, or mobile screen, there are wallpapers that will