1 year ago

Review: Colossal Cave

The year was 1976. The first VHS cassettes and their accompanying VCRs were newly available for purchase, everyone was dancing the night away to their favorite disco tracks, and programmer William Crowther had finished developing Adventure (later Colossal Cave Adventure): one of the earliest text adventure games ever made. Crowther, an amateur cave explorer, based
25 Jan 2020

Review: Eclipse: Edge of Light [Vive]

While getting into VR is still a pricy investment, three or four years ago, diving into new worlds was almost exclusively the realm of the rich (or those who got decent tax returns, which is how I bought my Vive system). The initial notable offerings, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, would both run you
16 Mar 2019

Preview: Audica

Ever since the end of the Rock Band boom, developer Harmonix has become much more experimental in the games they produce. Aside from Rock Band 4, which they continue to support with updates and DLC, Harmonix has also jumped into board games, social games, and virtual reality.
22 Jun 2017

E3 2017 Quick-Look: Project CARS 2

If there’s one thing that you can look forward to every E3, it’s the consistently awesome offerings of Bandai-Namco. This year was no different. Among their demos was a fantastic racing setup for Project CARS 2.
15 Sep 2015

FFXIV Gets a PlayStation VR Demo at TGS

Just announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference, PlayStation’s Project Morpheus has been renamed to PlayStation VR. In addition, a set of games was revealed to have demos at the show this week including Final Fantasy XIV. We’ll bring you more information about this exciting news as we learn more!
10 Jul 2015

Hands On With Overkill’s The Walking Dead On StarVR

A few weeks back at E3 we got a chance to sit down and try the new StarVR with Overkill’s The Walking Dead game. What we experienced was hands down the best virtual reality demo we’ve ever taken part in, and while not terribly practical for home use because of the set up, it was