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4 months ago

Preview: Saints Row

Santo Ileso was brought to life in Las Vegas last week as select media was invited to experience Saints Row – the reboot from developer Volition being released next month on August 23. Saints Row comes nine years after the last release in this series, and more than fifteen years after the original – so what
6 months ago

I’m Keeping My Eye On Saints Row

Saints Row has been a series that never quite felt like it had a solid sense of what it wanted to be. The juxtaposition between a serious gang drama and a balls-to-the-wall Hangover-tier sandbox shooter wasn’t something that resonated with me, and my limited time with Saints Row IV however-many years ago didn’t leave much
4 Apr 2020

Review: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected [Switch]

I think the mood of Saints Row IV can be summed up by a moment early on where I, an aggressively British President of the USA, was demolishing a block party of aliens by kicking them in the nuts so hard they flew over the horizon while Stan Bush’s “The Touch” blared over the radio.
21 Jun 2016

Agents of Mayhem: E3 Impressions

We had the opportunity to sit down and kick the tires of Volition’s new IP, Agents of Mayhem, last week at E3, and if you like Volition’s Saints Row, chances are you’ll like this new game as well. Volition’s comedy and comic styling are in full force here. You play as the Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M. (the Multinational