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24 Jun 2021

Review: Chivalry II

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a thing for medieval stuff. Knights, castles, siege weapons, swords, bows, everything really. I also really dug the more fantasy type stuff like wizards and elves and such. I have some real pieces of armor, swords and stuff in my personal space, so that should validate
22 May 2020

Review: Maneater

I love sharks. That is to say, I have such a wealth of respect (and fear) for them that I enjoy watching them with a healthy amount of space and industrial glass between us. You can imagine how sad I am at how few games there are involving sharks. They are perfect for silly fun
22 Feb 2020

Hands-on with Maneater

At E3 2018, at the PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive took the stage to show off a new game that was just a little bit different than their past work. Known for FPS series such as Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, the studio decided they wanted to tackle a new genre: the open-world RPG. Or,