8 Sep 2021

Review: Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa

I’m always somewhat skeptical when it comes to plot-based decision making in games. Typically, you’ll be offered one of three choices in every situation: something a nice person would do, something a mean person would do, and something that falls somewhere in between the two.
5 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Hindsight 20/20

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa is developed by a small studio – Triple-I Games. The studio is made up of former Bioware and Sucker Punch veterans and Hindsight 20/20 was designated as “Best Action Adventure” by DreamHack and was selected as a PAX Rising title for