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4 months ago

Review: Affogato

As a reviewer, I tend to pick out games that I want to review based on one of three criteria. The first are games where either I had been following early development or just saw the trailer and thought that the game looked like a lot of fun. The second are games that are somehow
31 May 2022

Review: Dwerve

What would happen if you took the tower defense and action-adventure genres and threw them into a blender? Games that try to meld two genres that don’t share a lot of overlap are often well-intentioned, but fall just short of the mark when it comes to utilizing both to reach new heights of gameplay. They
15 Sep 2020

Review: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

I’m a huge fan of incredibly dense, complex stories. Ones that require active thinking from the reader to keep track of them, as they weave multiple narratives together. Ones that keep me thinking of them long after I’ve put down the book or controller, putting pieces of it together in my head.
9 Jul 2019

Review: SolSeraph

I grew up back during the times of the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, and it's an era that I have much nostalgia for...despite never owning either system. Before I turned 13 or so, my parents did not allow any video games in our home ("They aren't educational."), so I got most of my gaming memories from time spent at friend's houses.
24 Jun 2019

E3 2019 Hands-on: The Riftbreaker

If there's one thing that attending multiple E3 and PAX West expos has taught me, it's that the Polish indie games scene is thriving. Over the past few years, both expos have had a booth dedicated to titles coming from a country that isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about gaming (aside from CD Projekt Red, probably).