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7 Oct 2016

Tales of Berseria US Release Date Announced

It’s been just about a year since Tales of Zestiria hit the English-speaking world, but Japan already has the newest entry in the series, Tales of Berseria, available to them. With the positive reception the game has been receiving in its homeland, I’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently these past few months for info on when this game would make
12 Dec 2013

Tales of Zestiria Announced, Confirmed for Worldwide Release

A couple of weeks ago, Namco Bandai posted a teaser page counting down what appeared to be an announcement for a new Tales Of game. Earlier this morning, that announcement was confirmed. On an official stream on Japanese video website NicoNico, Namco Bandai announced the next game in the Tales Of series, titled Tales of Zestiria.