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18 Apr 2019

Review: Katana Zero

The talk of the town in the gaming community recently is difficulty. Should games offer different difficulty levels to appease less-skilled or less-abled players? Would doing so compromise a developer's "vision?" Do games have to be hard to be fun?
1 Apr 2019

Review: Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World

Boy, how time flies. The gaming industry has seen its fair share of IPs that have withstood the test of time with varying amounts of entries. Sure, you might think of the usual suspects in the ring such as Mario, Street Fighter, Sonic, and so on.
5 Mar 2019

Review: The Caligula Effect: Overdose

A couple of years ago, Atlus published an ambitions little title for the Vita known as The Caligula Effect. Many compared it spiritually to the Persona series, which is no surprise, since the writer that penned the game's narrative, Tadashi Satomi, was also the mind behind the first two Persona games.
28 Feb 2019

Review: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

After ages away from the spotlight, Toejam & Earl are back in their newest title: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, and it's about as retro as you can imagine!
16 Feb 2019

Review: JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword

I’ve played quite a few metroidvania games in my time, and in recent years we’ve been no stranger to spectacular indie productions of these titles. When another entry joins the fray, though, I’m more than happy to see it come.
30 Jan 2019

Review: Necrosphere Deluxe

There's a group of gamers out there that believe games have become too streamlined, too simple... too easy. Those that miss the days when games were out to hand your ass to you, beat you 'til you're black and blue, and you enjoyed it, goddammit.
20 Jan 2019

Review: Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

A Decade in the Making The Tales series of games have become a somewhat staple JRPG franchise here in the west. The past few entries in the series have reliably made their way across the Pacific within a few months of their Japanese releases, and the games have begun releasing on PC as well, opening
22 Dec 2018

Review: Katamari Damacy REROLL

Stick With It There are times when I approach any Katamari game, I have to step back and recognize how nice it is to keep getting these quirky titles here in the US. Little is done to hide how weird this franchise actually is, and honestly that’s part of the reason I love Katamari as
13 Dec 2018

Review: Gris

Shock to the Senses Have you ever come across a piece of art that just immediately strikes you as something special? Something that reminds you of your love for the medium as soon as you lay your eyes on it? That’s the feeling I had immediately after going hands on with the demo of Gris
15 Oct 2018

Review: The Midnight Sanctuary

Open the Floodgates How often do you look at games that release in Japan, hoping and praying that they’ll eventually make their way west? Games that look intriguing or exciting, but, for one reason or another, nobody decides to localize it, so you’ll never get to play it?
16 Sep 2018

Review: Senran Kagura Reflexions

[Note: Due to the fanservice-heavy nature of this game, some of the screenshots in this article may be considered NSFW.] Shake It Up The little rumble motors in our controllers are things that we have come to take for granted over the past few console generations. What was once a pretty interesting gimmick offering a
8 Sep 2018

Review: Freedom Planet [Switch]

Break Out of the Mold When it comes to entertainment media, creators are often asked what influenced them in their creations (a question which I’m guilty of asking often during interviews…). Did another person’s works help guide their thoughts, or maybe a specific movie or game struck an idea in their head.
14 Jul 2018

Review: Shining Resonance Refrain

A Light on the Past Sega’s Shining series is an interesting one – a long-running series of often wildly different games that are only really connected by having the word “shining” in the title. The series jumps between genres constantly, starting off in 1991 as a first-person dungeon crawler with Shining in the Darkness on
23 Jun 2018

E3 2018 Interview With Tak Fujii

We can always count on XSeed to be showing off at least one unusually interesting game at the E3 booth, and at this year’s show, I would definitely give that prize to Gal Metal. It’s a game about defending the Earth from aliens with the power of metal, played by swinging around the Switch’s Joycon