15 Oct 2021

Review: The Good Life

I’d like to think that given my long stint as a gamer, I have experienced everything that video games have to offer. However, there are times when I am made to realize that is not the case. Unfortunately, those experiences aren’t always positive, as is the case with The Good Life, an RPG adventure game
20 Oct 2018

Review: The Missing

Revelations Some of my favorite games and stories are the ones that subvert my initial expectations. The ones I go into expecting one thing, only for the game to pull back the curtain and reveal its true self. I’m not just talking about games including plot twists (although I do enjoy a good twist every
9 Sep 2018

PAX West 2018 Interview with Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro

Despite the glitz and glam and flashy demos from all the big publishers at PAX West, it’s easy to still find near-equal representation of smaller and indie titles right on the main floor as well. After all, many see the PAX conventions as a showcase for indie creators, so it only makes sense to have