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1 month ago

Review: Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

Despite their tried and true persistence as a popular genre, horror video games can sometimes feel a bit polarizing: you either love them or you hate them. Moreover, they have the tendency to feel somewhat insular as well, with many horror releases iterating and expanding upon the staples established by the genre’s most popular titles.
7 months ago

Preview: The Anacrusis

Well, it’s time to reset the clock since I last enjoyed a horror co-op experience. Left 4 Dead and its sequel spawned a genre of co-op shooter titles. They and games like them have you take on the role of a party of characters to get them out of some dire situation. I’ve enjoyed the
31 Oct 2020

Review: Clea

Sekai Project is one of the more well-known translators and published in the past decade’s uprising of visual novels in the west, along with a number of Japanese indie games from other genres. Until recently, though, most of the company’s projects had been focused mostly on PC.
3 Jul 2020

Review: The Last of Us Part II

Delays. Story leaks. A remake of the first game for the current generation. Working on other IPs in their catalog. Releasing at the end of yet another console generation with its successor on the horizon. While the wait for The Last of Us Part II may not have been as bad as it has been
6 Jan 2014

Atlus Releases New Trailer for “Daylight”

Earlier today, Atlus USA released a new trailer for upcoming survival horror game Daylight. Unlike the trailer released at E3 2013, this one shows off the gameplay and some voice acting of the upcoming game. According to the game’s official website, Daylight’s major selling point is its procedurally generated levels. It creates a new world to explore with