10 Dec 2018

Starlight Celebration Brings Melodies on December 17th

The stars above sparkle like glitter as another annual celebration of gift-giving approaches.
15 Dec 2014

The Starlight Celebration Is Here!

Winter has come at last, and ’tis the season for every child’s favorite holiday─the Starlight Celebration! With the cities festooned with decorations and festival preparations well underway, children eagerly await presents from the “Saint of Nymeia.” The goodly saint will pay a visit to all of Eorzea’s girls and boys─and who knows? Perhaps he has
25 Dec 2013

Announcing the Starlight Celebration Screenshot Contest!

Winter is coming! No wait, that’s not right — it’s already here in Eorzea! The overpowering chill of Coerthas has permeated throughout the realm, transforming everyone into snowmen! Okay, that’s not entirely true either; adventurers are just donning the oddly adorable snowman suits that are the hit of the season. Whether you’re spending the Starlight
22 Dec 2013

Developers’ Blog: Stay Frosty, My Friends

Greetings, everyone! Have you visited the city-states lately? If you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed… things are a lot chillier! That’s right, the Starlight Celebration has begun!     Limsa Lominsans are getting into the season!   However, Ul’dah won’t be outdone!   Adventurers around the realm have begun dressing up in their finest Starlight attire!  
18 Dec 2013

The Starlight Celebration – Forever Winter Nights

The nights in Eorzea grow colder as the Starlight Celebration draws near. It is a time of merriment and winter delights, and the Adventurers’ Guild has wasted no time in preparing for this year’s festivities. However, their plans seem to have been forestalled, and rumors of imps up to mischief and sentient snowmen now run
14 Dec 2011

The Starlight Celebration: Winter Is Not Coming

The Starlight Celebration is once again upon us, the festival inspired by the benevolent deeds of the Ishgardian knights of old. This year, however, the preparations underway in Gridania appear to have taken on a foreign flavor. What in the stars abov...
9 Dec 2011

Stew Spiced with a Smile

Merry Starlight, everyone!'Tis the season where the nights are long and the snowfalls heavy, where whole cities are decked in shades of red and white, and smilebringers prance to and fro, delivering presents to good boys and girls the realm over.A sing...