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26 Jan 2012

FFXIV: Introducing Easier Payment Methods!

In the months leading up to the end of FINAL FANTASY XIV's extended free trial period, we received copious amounts of feedback from customers regarding the billing system. We took that feedback to heart, and have worked to implement new payment option...
26 Jan 2012

Direct Credit Card Payments Now Accepted!

After receiving plenty of helpful feedback from our customers, we have worked these past few months to implement new payment options for billing. First we introduced additional payment methods for purchasing Crysta, then user-specified amounts of Cryst...
23 Aug 2011

Easier Payment Options

We would like to take a moment to bring our valued fans and customers an important announcement regarding the Square Enix Account Transfer process. We will be extending the transfer cut-off date until we are able to implement a series of easier payment...
27 Jul 2011

Square Enix Account Transfer Begins

The transfer of all PlayOnline IDs to the Square Enix account system has begun. The opportunity to transfer your FINAL FANTASY XI character will end Wednesday, August 31, so we encourage you to act without delay. Furthermore, all players who transfer t...
31 Aug 2010

SE Account Maintenance Adds Crysta

Awhile back we had heard rumblings about Square Enix Crysta being used after the merger of SE Members with SE Accounts in Japan. It seems that with the recent Square Enix Account maintenance, one of the new payment features will be “Crysta”. You’ll be able to obtain 100 Crystal for the price of $1.00. Currently,
28 Aug 2010

Square Enix Account Management System Update

With the launch of Final Fantasy XIV on September 22nd, the Square Enix Account Management System will be updated adding new payment features and more. Because of these upgrades, current SE Account users will need to register their account to their country of residence the first time they log into the system after September 1st.