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15 Dec 2012

Enter Sleeping Dogs’ Zodiac Tournament

Square Enix has announced the next batch of downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs, titled The Zodiac Tournament, will become available Dec. 18. The new DLC features a martial arts tournament where players are asked to take on the best fighters in the world. The Zodiak Tournament is inspired by classic kung fu movies. Wei Shen
12 Nov 2012

New Square Enix Character Pack Announced For Sleeping Dogs

Announced today, the Square Enix Character Pack for Sleeping Dogs will allow Wei Shen to dress up and equip himself like Adam Jensen, Agent 47 and Rico Rodriguez. Agent 47’s suit will reduce attention from the police and includes a silenced weapon. The Sarif Industries armor reduces gunfire damage by 33% and comes with a
19 Oct 2012

Sleeping Dogs Adds Zombies. Because Why Not?

United Front Games and SQUARE ENIX recently announced a new batch of DLC for Sleeping Dogs titled “Nightmare in North Point”. You can catch the trailer for it below.
16 Oct 2012

New Sleeping Dogs DLC Out Today!

Three new content packs hit today for Sleeping Dogs on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The Street Racer Pack will give you access to three new races. Kamikaze is a race up and down the winding tracks of Victoria Peak. Cross Island Enduro is an endurance motorcylce race. Lastly, Harbor Run is a high