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25 Jun 2013

Official Seekers of Adoulin Website Updated!

A plethora of information about upcoming content has been added to the official Seekers of Adoulin website, including the never-before-seen Mog Garden feature, new Naakuals, areas, and equipment.You can also enjoy the Mog Garden background music on the...
25 Apr 2013

Seekers of Adoulin High Level Content On the Way

Square Enix announced today that they will be releasing a new patch for Seekers of Adoulin on Monday, April 29th.  The update  will feature all-new battle content, including: • Delve – By using a special item, up to eighteen players can plunge into spatial distortions known as “fractures” to vanquish five powerful monsters and their
11 Apr 2013

FFXI Bragging Rights: PFA 299

Its already been 2 weeks since the launch of Seekers of Adoulin and we want to  hear what you have been up to! Have you already reached the level cap with the new Geomancer and Rune Fencer jobs? Perhaps you’ve already collected a full set of the new armor? Or maybe you’ve been destroying Knotted
29 Mar 2013

Wasting Time In Adoulin

Last night, like many of you out there reading this, I spent a good three or four hours playing Final Fantasy XI’s latest expansion: Seekers of Adoulin. I can safely say that I wasted 4 hours of my life. Be it walking around with no clue where to go, traversing the same pathways of a
27 Mar 2013

Seekers of Adoulin Soundtrack Now Available On iTunes In North America

The soundtrack for Final Fantasy XI’s fifth expansion Seekers of Adoulin can now be purchased from the iTunes music store. The soundtrack includes thirteen tracks, eleven of which are from the new expansion. The remaining two, “Where It All Begins” and “Provenance Watcher” are from previous version updates. You can preview and purchase the album
26 Mar 2013

The latest version update has made landfall!

A sweeping array of changes accompany this version update, in particular the addition of the much-awaited Seekers of Adoulin content.Enjoy new areas, missions, quests, battle content, jobs, and more!Read on for further details.
25 Mar 2013

New Seekers of Adoulin Trailer

This new trailer shows off a trio of adventurers fighting some of the Naakuals that inhabit the lands of Ulbuka. We’re also treated to some scenes from what are presumably new quests that will be featured in the 5th expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY XI.
24 Mar 2013

Rune Fencers—Adoulin’s Protectors of the Faith

Rune fencers conjure an ancient elemental script that harbors primeval forces—and bend them to their very will. They call forth the latent potential bubbling just beneath the ink, turning it into either tempestuous blades that carve the flesh of foes or ethereal shields that protect the meek. This delicate balance between fury and virtue is
21 Mar 2013

Geomancers: Wielders of Nature’s Force

Geomancers lovingly coax out the energies that course through the world’s lifestream so that they may survive another day amidst the Ulbukan continent’s savage wilds. The practice of geomancy—concentrating organic powers within luopans and enhancing their potency with the sublime sounds of handbells—is as storied and enchanting as Ulbuka itself, and while both their existences
15 Mar 2013

Musicbox Adventures Album Available Digitally When Pre-Ordering Seekers of Adoulin

Previously an exclusive item to those that pre-ordered the Vana’diel Collection 4 in Japan, SQUARE ENIX just announced via Twitter that the Musicbox Adventures CD will be available digitally to those that pre-order Seekers of Adoulin or the FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection: Seekers Edition from the SE store. This album contains 5 tracks produced
14 Mar 2013

Seekers of Adoulin Site Update!

Be ready to don your lucky battle skivvies and prepare to do some schmoozing, adventurers, for the website has been updated with new information about otherworldly skirmishes, colonization, and the coalitions that dot Adoulin’s landscape. There have also been new equipment screenshots and an extra song added to the background music options, which will hopefully
13 Mar 2013

Next version update to blink in to a Vana’diel near you!

Adventurers, We hope you are as excited as your moogle compatriots for the next version update, scheduled to come warping in on Wednesday, March 27. This update will see the sun rising on Seekers of Adoulin, bringing with it a veritable cornucopia of r...
6 Mar 2013

In the Field: The Coalitions of Adoulin

With a simple decree from Ygnas S. Adoulin reinstating the long-abandoned pioneering initiative, Adoulin's social structure and economy changed in a heartbeat, with various organizations known as "coalitions" sprouting up to support the effort.As such,...
1 Mar 2013

FFXI: Seekers of Adoulin Soundtrack Tracklist Revealed

The website for the upcoming soundtrack of FINAL FANTASY XI’s new expansion, Seekers of Adoulin has gone live and with it, the track list. The soundtrack will contain 13 tracks total, with 11  of them being from the fifth expansion. From the track list we can assume that the private island/ranch system is now called
28 Feb 2013

Seekers of Adoulin: A View Inside and Outside the City

Have you been eagerly awaiting the release of Seekers of Adoulin? Are you ticking the days off on your calender before you’re able to press that glorious ‘begin download’ button? The Final Fantasy XI development team has given us a sneak peak of whats to come within the next few months through Live Vanadiel. Enjoy
27 Feb 2013

Rune Fencer Information Now Available On Seekers Of Adoulin Website

Keep your blades high, adventurers, and get your inscribing styluses ready, as the Seekers of Adoulin website has been updated with a plethora of information regarding the second and final new class to be added in the upcoming expansion—the rune fencer—as well as with a new song to tickle your ears. In the days ahead
7 Feb 2013

FFXI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition Bonus Items Revealed!

We are pleased to announce the details for the special in-game bonus items that will be available exclusively to adventurers who purchase the FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition!Click here to sneak-a-peek at the items and their stats!
5 Feb 2013

A Farewell to Cookies and a Greeting to Arms

Ask any person who's been to that far western continent, and they'll tell you that the most sought after souvenir from Adoulin is a bag of trail cookies.The twelve imposing swords that adorn the blue background of the package stand out as symbols of st...
30 Jan 2013

Details On The Seven Naakuals And Geomancer Emerge!

The official Seekers of Adoulin website has been updated with a new track “The Sacred City of Adoulin” as well as a new section for the Colonization System which currently showcases three of the seven Naakuals- “the most bloodthirsty hellions that reign over the wilds surrounding Adoulin”. In addition, several details have surfaced for Geomancer.
16 Jan 2013

FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin Available For Digital Pre-Order

FINAL FANTASY XI’s fifth expansion Seekers of Adoulin is now available for digital pre-order through SQUARE ENIX, Gamestop and Amazon. The expansion will take players to Ulbuka where they can explore 15 new areas as well as unlock and master the new Geomancer and Rune Fencer job classes. In addition, players will be able to