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26 Apr 2011

Hatching-tide – Hard-boiled High Jinks

Hatching-tide is in full swing and the city-state is alive with holiday cheer. Brightly clad egg mongers mingle amongst the masses as the eager voices of those seeking excitement ring through the streets. But there are no smiles in the Dreamer's camp...
21 Apr 2011

Far Eastern Honor

It's that time of year again when denizens all across the realm partake in grandiose festivities so their sons may mature into staunch, hardy men. Yes, the Feast of Swords is upon us once again, kupo! This year, the blacksmiths of the Far East have tre...
15 Apr 2011


As the warm winds of spring loosen winter's icy grip on the realm, slowly laughter returns once again to Eorzea. Yet it is not the mere changing of the seasons that has ushered in this blossoming of joy. A strange, new festival is underway and people ...
4 Apr 2011

World Egg-sclusive: Rated “M” for Moogle

Warmer days painting nature a vibrant palette of colors...The heady scent of new blossoms riding the breeze...The unmistakable waft of hard-boiled eggs...Springtime is come once more to Vana'diel, and any adventurer not hatched yesterday knows what thi...