23 Jul 2012

Letter from the Producer, XXXII

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the thirty-second Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure! Pore over the complete letter.
26 Jun 2012

Celestial Nights: A Backstage Romance

The myriad stars stretching across the night sky twinkle softly, wrapping the ground below in a warm, delicate light.Moogles scurry about to and fro, pom poms bouncing as they feverishly toil to set the stage.The time of Celestial Nights is upon us onc...
18 Apr 2012

Child’s Play

Whip out your whetstones and burnish your blades, for the time has come to pay tribute to deeds of dauntlessness and derring-do, kupo!Yes, 'tis the season for the Feast of Swords, the famed Far Eastern festival celebrating young boys' bravery that has ...
11 Apr 2012

Hatching-tide: Shell-Shocked

In contrast to the inaugural Hatching-tide, this year’s event was scripted from the ground up, egg thefts and all. As the curtains descended upon the festivities, however, it would seem not all proceeded according to plan... The Raven, Gridania’s...
26 Mar 2012

Hatching-tide: Scrambled Eggs

Nigh a year has come and gone since Hatching-tide, that fledging festival of eggs and Archons, was held. The event so captured the imagination of the populace, rumors abound that it is set to become a regular fixture upon the Eorzean calendar. Upon ca...
20 Mar 2012

Eggstra! Eggstra! Read All About It!

It's time to break out your baskets and sharpen your egg-le eyes for the egg hunt, kupo!As always, all you need to do is egg-ssemble initialed eggs, arrange them in an eggs-orbitant number of ways, and redeem them for egg-ceptional prizes! I'm so egg-c...
9 Mar 2012

FFXIV: Little Ladies’ Day — Out On the Town

Little Ladies’ Day, the festival that celebrates young girls everywhere, is upon us once again, and The Mythril Eye, financial newspaper of Ul'dah, has brought out a special report. Read on to learn more about the festival.
31 Jan 2012

FFXIV: Valentione’s Day: The Bonds of Love

That season of love is nearly upon us—that magical time of year when we turn to chocolate-scented kisses to convey the love we hold in our hearts. Yes, Valentione’s Day is fast approaching! Indeed, it appears The Harbor Herald, unable to contain i...
25 Jan 2012

Amorous Affectations

The aromas of confession connoting confections have begun a-wafting through the air, which can only mean the approach of another Valentione's Day, kupo!While it hasn't always been so in Vana'diel, amorous admirers nowadays announce their ardor with a g...
1 Jan 2012

Heavensturn: Gone with the Snow

With the kind aid of countless adventurers, preparations for the Winter’s Knell festival had been proceeding smoothly. Yet it appears fate had other ideas—an incident has occurred at the venue, on the very day the ritual was due to be held. Th...
1 Jan 2012

Ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year, kupo!May it be filled with fun, felicity, and fruitful adventures for all.By the by, have you heard that the Far Eastern calendar deems this coming cycle the "Year of the Wyrm"?Mayhaps the myriad musings whispered through the MHMU's hal...
28 Dec 2011


Another twelve moons have waxed and waned over Eorzea, and the time is upon us once more when it is determined which of the gods will rise to dominance in the coming year. Aye, the season of Heavensturn is here. Read on to learn more.
14 Dec 2011

The Starlight Celebration: Winter Is Not Coming

The Starlight Celebration is once again upon us, the festival inspired by the benevolent deeds of the Ishgardian knights of old. This year, however, the preparations underway in Gridania appear to have taken on a foreign flavor. What in the stars abov...
9 Dec 2011

Stew Spiced with a Smile

Merry Starlight, everyone!'Tis the season where the nights are long and the snowfalls heavy, where whole cities are decked in shades of red and white, and smilebringers prance to and fro, delivering presents to good boys and girls the realm over.A sing...
12 Oct 2011

A Harrowing Harvest Reunion

As gentle summer breezes give way to autumn chills and the leaves tumble from the trees, broods of baleful monsters descend in droves upon innocent townsfolk. Though valiant adventurers may drive these vile apparitions back whence they came, never can ...
13 Sep 2011

Blazing Buffaloes Coming To Vana’diel!

Tramplin' tarnation, kupo! There are buffaloes everywhere, and preparations for corrallin' these crazy critters have got the MHMU doin' the hokey-pokey and turnin' all around!...What? You don't like kickin' up a little dust with some down-home dancin',...
2 Sep 2011

Hunter’s Moon: The Curse of Dalamud

High above the Twelveswood the raven circles, a watchful shadow silhouetted against the eldritch light of the twin moons. As ever, keen-eyed reporter Kipih Jakkya is afield to keep us abreast of the latest anomalies to rack Eorzea. She writes to us n...
8 Aug 2011

Firefall Faire—Bombards Ablaze!

As the blazing sun continues to beat down relentlessly upon Eorzea, here and there one spies crimson balloons aflight—balloons bearing the likenesses of sinister and scowling faces. Could these menacing inflatables be in some way related to the heat...
26 Jul 2011

Frauleins a-Frolic in the Summer Breeze

Hello, everyone! It's me, Uka, the Mighty Maidens' dazzling dance artist! Last year, that meanie-head Ullegore sent some crrream puffs with more swagger than skill in an awful attempt to steal the spotlight from us. But we sure showed them what rrreal ...
20 Jun 2011

Wish Upon a Bamboo Stalk

While Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina's ardent romance eons ago may have ended in tragedy, their spirits live on in Celestial Nights, a festival that unifies all of Vana'diel. Festival patrons weave poignant poems to the faerie apples of their eyes a...