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3 Mar 2015

Little Ladies’ Day

Old man winter’s icy reign draws to a close, and spring comes to the realm once more. The air is filled with birdsong, and sweet with the scent of flowering buds—but none quite so sweet as the peach blossom. Townsfolk rejoice at the tender sight, for it signifies the return of Little Ladies’ Day. On
17 Feb 2015

Lunar New Year Event Live on Chinese Servers

FFXIV launched officially for players in China last August, and today those players are celebrating an exclusive Lunar New Year event. Alongside exclusive decorations like Chinese lanterns and fireworks, players can also receive a baby panda minion and challenge the Xi monster, which is basically a glammed up Behemoth.
13 Feb 2015

The Doll Festival – Plus February Version Update Info

Ah yes, it’s that time a year again, when we all get to fill our already cluttered mog houses with even more dolls! I’m assuming this is not just a tarutaru thing. The Doll Festival is set to begin once again at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Thursday, February 19 and conclude on Thursday, March 5 at
30 Jan 2015

Valentione’s Day

Though the winter winds still blow and bite, the tender blossoms of love still thrive in Eorzea. City streets are lined with fanciful shades of scarlet and pink, and hearts are aflutter as we welcome the return of Valentione’s Day! Lady Lisette of House Valentione has ventured forth from Ishgard to ensure no tender confession
30 Dec 2014

A Hitsuji For Heavensturn!

Heavensturn is upon us at last, and once more the Twelve gather to determine who among them shall take the celestial vanguard in the coming year. As the deities of Eorzea convene to discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern emissaries have arrived in their lands, heralding the advent of a different figurehead. Though they
15 Dec 2014

The Starlight Celebration Is Here!

Winter has come at last, and ’tis the season for every child’s favorite holiday─the Starlight Celebration! With the cities festooned with decorations and festival preparations well underway, children eagerly await presents from the “Saint of Nymeia.” The goodly saint will pay a visit to all of Eorzea’s girls and boys─and who knows? Perhaps he has
22 Jul 2014

Fantastic Frauline Mumor’s Superheroine Show: Dynamic Doppelgangers

This year’s Sunbreeze Festival will be taking place Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Tuesday, August 19 at the same hour.  Fireworks displays, Sunbreeze dances, and other festivities will commence each day at nightfall in the following locations: West Ronfaure / East Ronfaure Southern San d’Oria / Northern San d’Oria / Port San d’Oria
29 Jan 2014

Rest Ashored, Love is in the Garden!

Today is Valentione’s Day! Tomorrow is Valentione’s Day! The day after tomorrow is Valentione’s Day! It’s happy Valentione’s Day every day until you finally receive your chocolate, kupo! Now that the day has arrived, kupo… Send a gift to that special person in your life to showyour affections, kupo! Now is the time for Valentione’s
9 Sep 2013

Moonfire Faire – Bombard A-bomb-inations

As adventurers and townsfolk alike seek respite from the blazing summer heat, the reappearance of flame-kissed balloons with their sinister grins may be a sign of something hotter still. Ever wont to enlighten Eorzea’s people, The Harbor Herald has uncovered the truth of this blistering business. Continue to the full article.
4 Sep 2013

Muscular Monk Faces Fears Before Bitter Buffalo

In between bouts of cleaning cow pies and ridin' herd on hearty hoedowns, we merry moogles of the MHMU make it our motto to "certify the safety of ceremony supporters lock, stock, and barrel" durin' the bonanza, kupo!After all, this festival is an exce...
30 Jul 2013

The Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Superheroine Stage Show: Performers from Another Land

Happy summer tidings everyone! It's me, Mumor—back and ready to bring smiles to all the sour faces throughout Vana'diel!

My three managers have been working extra hard this year to bring to a super special guest—the amazing, handsome, manly duo known as the Dashing Dreamers—straight from Adoulin!

Way over in that western country, there's an organization knows as the Mummers' Coalition, a place that handles entertainment of all sorts! The Dashing Dreamers were brought to stardom by the coalition's maester, a woman with the funny name of Flaviria.

But I must admit to you, my loyal fans, that I'm a bit concerned. My managers went off to Adoulin to work out the details, but I haven't heard back from them in forever. Gee, I sure hope nothing's gone wrong...

But oh dear! I've got to get back to practicing my routine!
Come on, Uka—Shining Summer Samba!

Read on for more about this year's Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Superheroine Stage Show!
13 Mar 2013

Egg Helm An-egg-dote

As eggs-pected, the Egg Hunt will soon tumble into the three nations, signaling the sunny and sing-song onset of spring, kupo!

Won't you welcome the wonders of this wickedly warm season with us by collecting copious amount of carefully-ordered initial eggs, kupo?

If you're afraid of cracking your shell on the first try, start with an eggs-eedingly easy challenge—bring in bird babies brushed with the first three letters of your name! Once you've fried up your "First 3" combination, feel free to find a moogle—much like me—and hand it over for eggs-eptional rewards, kupo!

We heartily hope you hunt down a panoply of these painted party favors and walk away with an abundance of amazing artifacts, for countless combinations exist, kupo!

What was that? Some skeptical speculators question how we could possibly amass this awe-inspiring amount of awards, kupo?

Then bury your beak in this hard-boiled tale of time travel and trickery and find out for yourself.
11 Feb 2013

From Ugly to Outstanding

Pink petals have begun to drift upon the fresh late winter breeze, once again signaling that the Doll Festival is neigh.The stifled squeals of girls unable to hide their anticipation add to the realm's excitement as they spring out from homes and seren...
24 Jan 2013

Pitter-Pattering from Love

A lovely Valentione’s Day to you, kupo! Each year, we ask for the aid of crackerjack confectioners— No, that’s not right. Give great gifts of succulent sweets— No, that’s not it either. My brain is mashed to mush, kupo! That’s right! Coquettish couples give grand gifts to express their enduring emotion for each other. Some
11 Oct 2012

Behind the Bats

Trick or Treat!!Citizens throughout the three nations are once again donning their most terrifying garb, swarming the streets, and hungrily awaiting the arrival of adventurers from across the realm. Even the exorcists from far to the west are doing the...
13 Sep 2012

Massive Meeting Moves Moogles to Mambo!

Cloppin' along and down, down on the range, the MHMU once again steadfastly supports the fan-favored festivals of late summer.This year, we have strived to set up a kupo-tacular barbeque bonanza for weary wanderers to kick back and insatiably ingest gr...
11 Sep 2012

Foundation Day Returneth!

Many may recall the Foundation Day celebrations a year ago which commemorated the revival of the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Though the current state of our nations is far from stable, the long-anticipated anniversary has arrived, and The Mythril Eye h...
30 Jul 2012

Moonfire Faire – Bombard Backlash

As the heat settles like a stifling blanket over the city-states of Eorzea, we once again witness the appearance of scowl-bearing, flame-kissed balloons. Could it be that the hotter months will bring the return of those fiery abominations? Dive into t...
25 Jul 2012

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor graces the Sunbreeze Festival with her presence once more!

My lovelies, how's life been treating you since we last met? Mumor is back to take the stage again. You can imagine that SSS preparations have been keeping her on her feet of late.After last year's fiasco where Mumor ended up missing her curtain call, ...
23 Jul 2012

Letter from the Producer, XXXII

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the thirty-second Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure! Pore over the complete letter.