22 Mar 2022

Review: Rune Factory 5

There is nothing sadder than waiting almost a decade for a game, just to be disappointed by it. I still remember how excited I was when Rune Factory 5 was first announced. On the one hand, it was scary to think back on all the hours I poured into Rune Factory 4, but the anticipation
25 Feb 2020

Review: Rune Factory 4 Special

I’ll always have fond memories of the original Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon 64. The peaceful routine of watering my crops each day, planning out my investments in advance, talking to my fellow townspeople to learn the ins and outs of their personalities and schedules…it scratched an itch that few other games really do.
2 Dec 2013

No More Neverland: The Makers of Shining Force, Lufia, and Rune Factory to shut doors.

If you’ve been playing games since the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo days, you probably share the memories I had spending countless hours in front of the family TV playing games such as Final Fantasy, Lufia, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and Terranigma. During the era of Nintendo, we saw many great games by many great studios,