29 Apr 2010

An Analysis of Racial and Clan Distribution

Clan (Race) Votes Percentage Dunesfolk (Lalafell) 542 18% Midlanders (Hyur) 401 14% Keepers of the Moon (Miqo’te) 369 13% Seekers of the Sun (Miqo’te) 313 11% Highlanders (Hyur) 284 10% Wildwood (Elezen) 272 9% Duskwight (Elezen) 250 8% Sea Wolves (Roegadyn) 192 7% Plainsfolk (Lalafell) 178 6% Hellsguard (Roegadyn) 148 4% We’ve been running a
30 Mar 2010

Japanese official site update: new clan information

The official Japanese FFXIV site was updated recently and most notably we have some new information about the various clans of Eorzea.  As we have previously been told, each race will have two distinct clans which can be selected at the character creation stage.  Up until now we only had a limited amount of information
22 Dec 2009

Analysis of New Character Creation Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or asleep) for the past 8 hours,  you know that there are some new leaked images out there showing the FFXIV character creation.   So here they are: But anyone can just upload images – let’s dig at least a little deeper shall we?
18 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 1: A Collaborative Effort

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Eorzeapedia podcast: Aetheryte Radio! Aetheryte Radio is the collaborative effort of two of the most popular Final Fantasy XI podcasts: Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. We’ve come together to deliver you a fun and exciting show that covers everything related to Final Fantasy XIV.
5 Aug 2009

Races Named, Classes Revealed

Thanks to some vigilant forum members, we have new information about FFXIV from Japan. Images were leaked late yesterday evening from a 9 page Japanese magazine article believed to be released this week. Chances are high this is coming from Weekly Famitsu. Weekly Famitsu often uses furigana, small characters above kanji to provide the correct