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5 months ago

Free Upgrades Coming for Resident Evil Games

Today, Capcom announced that they’ll be releasing upgraded versions of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7 biohazzard on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The upgrades will add new features to these RE Engine games including ray tracing, high frame rate, and 3D audio. On the PlayStation 5, the upgrade
15 Sep 2016

Resident Evil 7 News From Tokyo Game Show

Today Capcom revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 7. In the footage, we get some glimpses at never before seen areas in the game as well as a brief moment showing off some combat from the game. There will also be a new Twilight version of the Beginning Hour demo released
5 Sep 2016

Head On With Resident Evil 7

During my time at PAX West I finally got a chance to sit down and see Resident Evil 7 in PlayStation VR- a task that was neigh impossible during this year’s E3 because of how popular the title was. At the show, Capcom was showing the Kitchen demo. This demo was shown before Resident Evil
17 Aug 2016

New Resident Evil 7 Trailer & Images From Gamescom 2016

Capcom has released a brand new gameplay trailer (and new images) for Resident Evil 7. In the demo, a woman is trying to run and hide from what appears to be a woman with a lantern. Moving and hiding in this way isn’t too dissimilar from what we remember of Amnesia which was a first person survival
14 Jun 2016

Capcom Announces Resident Evil 7

As part of the Sony press conference earlier tonight, the next chapter in the Resident Evil series was announced which will run on the company’s new “RE Engine”. With Resident Evil 4, the game shifted its camera and its play style and now with RE7, large changes are coming again, most notably is the change