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1 year ago

Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed

It seems I’ve reached that age where my nostalgia is being pandered to. All the TV shows and movies I grew up with as a kid getting sudden reboots. Games I played in my formative years getting remasters dropped out of nowhere. And, what, can I say, I’m reveling in it. Shoot that ActRaiser remaster
24 Jun 2021

Preview: Hot Wheels Unleashed

I was intrigued as soon as I saw Hot Wheels Unleashed announced, because it hit on one of the great things I love about video games: the potential for fun arcade racers that sit in the space between aggressive simulation and kart-based games. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some kart games, and aggressive
9 Mar 2021

Review: Monster Energy AMA Supercross: The Official Videogame 4

When I started playing this game for our preview not so long ago, I knew virtually nothing about supercross. About the only exposure I’ve had to anything like it is Excitebike on the NES when I was a kid. Now that the game, plus a bit of research (more on that later), has given me
2 Feb 2021

Preview: Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 4

Uh-wha??? Al’s covering a sports game? Did he lose a bet? I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Maybe…. Anyway! While I’m definitely not a stereotypical sports guy, I do have a thing for racing games. Although I tend to prefer the more arcade-style variety, I have a great appreciation for the subtle skill that goes into real-life
8 Nov 2020

Review: Dirt 5

I’ve spoken much in past reviews about how games in long-running genres or popular series need to do something unique to stand out. Put a twist on a formula, introduce some new mechanics, something to keep fans coming back entry after entry. Admittedly, that’s a personal preference. Some gamers prefer to stay in their comfort
6 Nov 2020

Review: REKT! High Octane Stunts

We seem to have a bit of a car game trend going on here at Gamer Escape. No complaints there. You may be surprised to learn that I enjoy me a good car game, especially those of the less realistic, more arcade-style variety. Today’s title seems to synergize with that, so let’s dive right into
2 Sep 2020

Preview: Dirt 5 – Playground Mode

Despite the name, Dirt 5 is not actually the fifth installment in an epic JRPG series about the soil beneath our feet. I know, I was a bit disappointed too, but that was tempered by the fact I totally just made that up. No, it’s a game in which you race about with other cars
25 Aug 2020

Review: Kandagawa Jet Girls

There are some creators where one just knows exactly what kind of game they’re going to get from them. Kenichiro Takaki is one of those creators. If Takaki’s name is attached to a project, one can typically expect…well, lots of fanservice. Fanservice that crosses so far over the line of “offensive” that it wraps right
23 Dec 2019

Review: Gensou Skydrift

Gensou Skydrift happily advertises itself on its Steam page with a clear statement: “A Touhou Project racing game is here!” And that is entirely true. This is a kart racing game based on the whole Touhou Project. Which means that in one sense, this game is kind of impossible to review, simply because that fandom
8 Oct 2019

Review: GRID

Developers of racing games have a tough gig: create a product that has enough content to keep the player interested beyond their initial introduction to the game, vary that content so as to avoid early-onset tedium, and allow the player to feel as if they’re actually the one in the driver’s seat. Codemasters, having previously
22 Jun 2017

E3 2017 Quick-Look: Project CARS 2

If there’s one thing that you can look forward to every E3, it’s the consistently awesome offerings of Bandai-Namco. This year was no different. Among their demos was a fantastic racing setup for Project CARS 2.