25 Nov 2010

New Retainer Costumes, Monsters, and More

Famitsu and 4Gamer have released a few images from Square Enix on their websites. The images are of things we can expect to see in the future, however, the articles don’t specify exactly when. Some of it could be for November or December. Some of it could be included in version updates later down the
14 May 2010

Slow News Day, E3 and Race Quiz

Well the news has been rather slow of late.  Based on various reports, the alpha test is proceeding.  We saw Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto discuss the state of affairs earlier in the month. More recently, there was an article stateside in Game Informer magazine, but there was no new information – rather
29 Apr 2010

An Analysis of Racial and Clan Distribution

Clan (Race) Votes Percentage Dunesfolk (Lalafell) 542 18% Midlanders (Hyur) 401 14% Keepers of the Moon (Miqo’te) 369 13% Seekers of the Sun (Miqo’te) 313 11% Highlanders (Hyur) 284 10% Wildwood (Elezen) 272 9% Duskwight (Elezen) 250 8% Sea Wolves (Roegadyn) 192 7% Plainsfolk (Lalafell) 178 6% Hellsguard (Roegadyn) 148 4% We’ve been running a
25 Apr 2010

Op-Ed: Gender Locking of the Races and Clans

Undoubtedly, one of the longest standing requested additions to Final Fantasy XI was the Male Counterparts to Mithra.  Sadly, we never got that choice and instead we were all given a bit of tease by Square-Enix. They added a single lone Male Mithra NPC in the FFXI: Wings of the Goddess expansion.  A few fans
5 Apr 2010

FFXIV Website Update Features Clan Information

A new update to the official Final Fantasy XIV website gives us information about the two clans affiliated with each of the races that players can choose to play as. Most of the information is stuff we’ve already heard about via translations, however there is an interesting mention of women where it describes the Sea
30 Mar 2010

Japanese official site update: new clan information

The official Japanese FFXIV site was updated recently and most notably we have some new information about the various clans of Eorzea.  As we have previously been told, each race will have two distinct clans which can be selected at the character creation stage.  Up until now we only had a limited amount of information
23 Dec 2009

Official Website Update

The official Final Fantasy XIV website has just been updated with details about character creation as well as the official story that has recently been released. Many new images have also been added to the Media section of the website including what appear to be shots relating to city-states as well as our first glimpse
5 Nov 2009

Eorzeapedia Polls Are Now Open

With U.S. election day behind us, we have decided to open our polls and see what the community thinks about all things FFXIV-related.  So we will begin with the question of what race/gender you are planning on choosing.   For those that didn’t listen to Aetheryte Radio Episode 4: Lifestyle, there was a report about
24 Aug 2009

ZAM and PlayStation Blog: Interview with Tanaka

Gamescom is over but the information and interviews are still coming out. We’ve seen interviews from sites like Famitsu and 4Gamer. Dengeki has not published their interview but chances are they are leaving it for Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Now we have a joint interview done by Thayos from ZAM and Chris Morell from PlayStation Blog.  
22 Aug 2009

4Gamer Interview with Tanaka and Sundi (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our coverage of 4Gamer’s interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Sage Sundi. In it, we learn about the battle system in FFXIV and get some more hints relating to character creation. (You can find part 1 here.) How to play FFXIV People attending gamescom had the chance to try out a
22 Aug 2009

4Gamer Interview with Tanaka and Sundi (Part 1)

One thing you can count on is that the Japanese press are given access and interviews even at foreign events. It could be a big event like E3 or a small event like Fan Festival for FFXI. The next website to publish their interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Global Online Producer
18 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 1: A Collaborative Effort

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Eorzeapedia podcast: Aetheryte Radio! Aetheryte Radio is the collaborative effort of two of the most popular Final Fantasy XI podcasts: Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. We’ve come together to deliver you a fun and exciting show that covers everything related to Final Fantasy XIV.
5 Aug 2009

Races Named, Classes Revealed

Thanks to some vigilant forum members, we have new information about FFXIV from Japan. Images were leaked late yesterday evening from a 9 page Japanese magazine article believed to be released this week. Chances are high this is coming from Weekly Famitsu. Weekly Famitsu often uses furigana, small characters above kanji to provide the correct