12 months ago

Review: The Tartarus Key

It takes astonishingly little to endear me to an art style inspired by those found in titles released for the original PlayStation. Games for the console sported a very singular look, and to this day can provide a unique atmosphere in the gaming space that belies their age. Quite a few modern games have been
1 year ago

Review: Colossal Cave

The year was 1976. The first VHS cassettes and their accompanying VCRs were newly available for purchase, everyone was dancing the night away to their favorite disco tracks, and programmer William Crowther had finished developing Adventure (later Colossal Cave Adventure): one of the earliest text adventure games ever made. Crowther, an amateur cave explorer, based
14 Oct 2022

Review: Scorn

For those of us who stumbled across its initial pre-alpha footage all the way back in 2014, waiting for Scorn has been quite the test of patience. A first-person horror adventure game rooted heavily in the singular art styles of artists H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński was an immediately captivating prospect. The footage was replete
11 Aug 2021

Review: Fire Tonight

You know, seeing media set in eras that you’ve personally lived through (even at a very young age) is weird. On one hand, you’re already accustomed to many of the aesthetics and everything else surrounding it. On the other, it’s a window for those who haven’t actually lived through it. No matter how you slice
15 Sep 2020

Review: Deleveled

So I was actually playing today’s game, Deleveled, 15 years ago. I played it every time my friends and I tried to kill Absolute Virtue. Oh wait, this game is new? And it’s a puzzle game, not an MMORPG? Oh right, that was Final Fantasy XI, easy mistake to make…
28 Jul 2020

Review: Radical Rabbit Stew

The Switch has become a haven lately for quirky indy titles, and it’s easy to see why. It’s perfect for games that are easy to pick up and put down, don’t require a lot of power, and are just the sort of thing you’d want to play for a few minutes while out and about.
22 Jul 2020

Review: Röki

There are lots of ways to do adventure games badly, but there are also lots of ways to do them right. Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving you a set of problems where the protagonist simply can’t overcome them with obvious physical force – such as, say, the protagonist being an average young girl who