11 months ago

Review: The Tartarus Key

It takes astonishingly little to endear me to an art style inspired by those found in titles released for the original PlayStation. Games for the console sported a very singular look, and to this day can provide a unique atmosphere in the gaming space that belies their age. Quite a few modern games have been
29 Sep 2021

Review: In Sound Mind

Nightmare House is certainly a name that brings back memories. I played that way back in 2010 and, 11 years later, it still stands out as a memorable first-person shooter that managed to genuinely frighten me. So of course when I saw the folks behind it made In Sound Mind, alongside having music from The
22 Apr 2020

Review: The Shattering

If there’s one genre the indie scene loves to cover, it’s psychological horror. The unsettling journey into a deranged psyche allows disquieting and surreal imagery that touches on something deep within us, and as they’re by nature weird and experimental it’s something the AAA industry rarely covers. Today we’re covering The Shattering, brought to us