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11 Jun 2013

Sony Conference: E3 2013

Sony didn’t pull any punches at their Monday press conference. They went straight for the face. They quelled any fears about DRM and online connectivity and had a solid showing of exclusives for all of their platforms.
23 Jun 2012

Final Fantasy XI Not Coming To PSVita After All

About a year ago, Final Fantasy XI’s Producer, Hiromichi Tanaka told Famitsu that he was interested in exploring the possibility of putting FFXI on the PlayStation Vita. Since then we’ve seen a leaked list of titles for the platform which included “Final Fantasy XI: Vita Edition”. Since then,  the FFXI Dev Team has been pretty
26 Nov 2011

FFXI Opening- Now With More Cornrows!

Update: This is actually the opening video used in the Xbox 360 version of the game. Whoops! Back in October, Square Enix opened up the Final Fantasy XI Youtube channel. While this hasn’t been ground breaking in anyway for North American and European players, in Japan, they’ve been releasing a constant wave of videos for
16 Aug 2011

PSVita Titles Leaked?- FINAL FANTASY XI: VITA Edition

Last month we got wind that Square Enix was investigating the possbility of porting over Final Fantasy XI to the PSVita. Today, a list of games that are currently in development for the PSVita was leaked on the internet. Of course, whether or not this is “real” is to be determined. However, of note under
11 Aug 2011

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Now Available In Japan

Final Fantasy Type-0 has had quite a journey. Originally Final Fantasy Agitos XIII, the game was bound for the mobile phone platform. However since then, it has moved over to the PlayStation Portable and even gotten a new name with several other “types” being filed at the same time. With the game set to launch
13 Jul 2011

Is Final Fantasy XI Coming To The PSVita?

Could Final Fantasy XI be heading to Sony’s new handheld? In the latest issue of Famitsu, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka says that Square Enix is currently investigating a straight port of the game to the next generation portable. He adds that currently there is no solid plan at the moment. With the device having wi-fi and
7 Jun 2011

Sony Unveils the Playstation Vita. No, it’s Not a Dietary Supplement.

Sony’s big announcement. Indeed, the PSVita. Featuring 2 analog sticks, a multi-touch screen, front and rear touch pads, front and rear cameras, and even Six Axis functionality… Well, I was expecting to need a mortgage for this device. Sony, however, seems to have actually developed this little monster in a competitive price point. Merging a