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5 Feb 2016

Review: Resident Evil 0 HD

Around this time last year, Resident Evil HD was released, reintroducing people to the story in the series that started it all… or so they thought. Resident Evil 0 tells the story of S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers and the journey that ultimately leads her to the mansion where the first Resident Evil takes place. The
10 Oct 2015

Review: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Head To Head If I may start off with the most obvious statement ever, people play video games for many different reasons. Some are looking to immerse themselves in a story. Others might use it as a kind of stress relief, putting bullets into the bodies of as many aliens/monsters/gangsters/what-have-you as possible. There are many
27 Jul 2015

Review: Lost Dimension

Hide And Seek The “traitor in your midst” is a very common trope in storytelling. It is a simple way to add suspense to almost any kind of story. In more passive entertainment media, such as in books or television, the use of this trope is a way to get its audience to be a
8 Jul 2015

Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

On the day of the official launch, I posted my initial impressions on Heavensward and have since completed the Main Scenario, dabbled with some of the new end game dungeons and loot systems and taken my Miner up to 60 to check out what’s new in the exciting world of gathering. Now that I feel I have
31 Mar 2015

Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2

The last main entry in the Resident Evil series wasn’t received very well. Resident Evil 6 was criticized for trying to pack too many stories into a single game. Before that however was the release of Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS which was surprisingly good given it’s handheld home. Years later, after the
1 Sep 2014

First Persona 5 Trailer Released

At a Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan press conference earlier this morning, Atlus showed off a surprise for their faithful fans: a new trailer for Persona 5. No real story details were announced, but a general release date was given. The game is expected to be released in Japan in 2015 for both PS3 and
22 Apr 2014

Tales of Xillia 2 Western Release Dates and Collectors Editions Announced

Earlier today, Bandai Namco revealed the release dates of their next western Tales release, Tales of Xillia 2. The game will be released in North America on August 19th, 2014, with the European version coming on a few days later on the 22nd. Following the trend of the last two major Tales releases (namely the original Xillia and
11 Apr 2014

New Trailer for Bound By Flame Shows Off Fire-Fueled Combat

Earlier today, Spider Studios released a new trailer for its upcoming RPG Bound By Flame. The trailer shows off the game’s three main classes and the fighting styles they bring to the table, creating what looks to be a heavily melee-focused action RPG style game. Also shown are typical genre systems such as skill trees and
23 Nov 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle In Valhala Trailer

Lightning leads the charge in this epic battle taking place in Valhala. [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed]
19 Sep 2011

NeverDead Trailer, TGS 2011

NeverDead, the upcoming game from Rebellion Developments proves that mashing up every popular genre in the industry can actually make for an amusingly campy trailer. Speaking of cheesy dialogue, one has to wonder if the rest of the soundtrack can live up to the game’s title Megadeth track. [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed]
31 Aug 2011

Two New Hawken Trailers!

Oh, Hawken. How beautiful you look. Your mechs are fast, almost Quake III: Arena fast. You look oh so promising. Please don’t fail to deliver! [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed] [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed]
8 Mar 2010

Beta application site updated… for PS3 codes?

Thanks to the hawkish eyes of our loyal IRC members, we have been alerted to the fact that the FFXIV beta application page has been updated with some new, and potentially important, disclaimers. First, you can now re-apply and, it seems, update your beta application.  Whereas in the past it gave you an error message