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11 Oct 2010

FFXIV’s “Approval Rating”

Some reviews have already come out, and some are being held for a few weeks.  Some game features are in place, and some are not.  Some patches have been implemented, and some maybe are only dreamed of.  While there is still a lot of uncertainly in the early days of FFXIV, what we do know
29 Apr 2010

An Analysis of Racial and Clan Distribution

Clan (Race) Votes Percentage Dunesfolk (Lalafell) 542 18% Midlanders (Hyur) 401 14% Keepers of the Moon (Miqo’te) 369 13% Seekers of the Sun (Miqo’te) 313 11% Highlanders (Hyur) 284 10% Wildwood (Elezen) 272 9% Duskwight (Elezen) 250 8% Sea Wolves (Roegadyn) 192 7% Plainsfolk (Lalafell) 178 6% Hellsguard (Roegadyn) 148 4% We’ve been running a
5 Nov 2009

Eorzeapedia Polls Are Now Open

With U.S. election day behind us, we have decided to open our polls and see what the community thinks about all things FFXIV-related.  So we will begin with the question of what race/gender you are planning on choosing.   For those that didn’t listen to Aetheryte Radio Episode 4: Lifestyle, there was a report about