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1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 228: Let’s Talk About Leveling!

Xenedra, Aldianaux and FusionX talk about the best ways to get experience points for combat classes all the way from level 1 to level 90!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 227: The Eorzean Aquarium with Fruity Snacks

WARNING! WARNING! CHOPPY SEAS AHEAD! Look out for… FISH PUNS! Fruity Snacks joins the crew today to talk about fishing in FFXIV and the labor of love that he and his team have put together: The Eorzean Aquarium!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 226: Live Letter LXXI with SlyAKAGreyFox

Live Letter LXXI is here and Sly joins the team to go over the exciting details!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 225: Shoutcasting in FFXIV with Lythi

Lythi, shoutcaster for many a game, including our beloved FFXIV, joins the crew today to discuss just that!
1 year ago

FFXIV Podcast Aetheryte Radio 224: Patch 6.15

SPOILERS ON THE HORIZON! Aldianaux, Rook, and Xenedra chat about the latest, wonderfully side-quest-laden patch: 6.15!
30 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 223: The Unending Journey (Part 1)

Today we began our introspective journey talking about our experiences in FFXIV through the years. True to the title, it's not quite over yet, so be prepared for a mini series!
23 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 222: We’ll Do It Live!

Aldianaux, Rook, and FusionX take on the task today of… talking with chat!? From "Favorite XIV moments," to "What job would you like to see implemented next in game," we answer YOUR questions live!
16 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 221: Third Party Tools

Wander with us through this discussion of FFXIV's glaring gray area: third party tools.
9 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 220: Weapon Design Contest

We loved the weapon design contest SO MUCH, we wanted to go through and give love (and a little friendly critique) to all the winners and finalists.
4 May 2022

Aetheryte Radio 219: Patch 6.1 Review

The most unprecedented patch in FFXIV history has come and gone and BOY do we have some thoughts! Join the whole Aetheryte Radio crew as we wind our way through our new world of adventure! (This review contains spoilers!)
17 Apr 2022

Aetheryte Radio 218: Patch 6.1 & Crystalline Conflict with Brian Ricardo

Today's discussion revolved around the last thing you'd think you'd hear about on Aetheryte Radio: PvP! The wonderful Brian Ricardo joins the crew to talk about Crystalline Conflict, FFXIV's latest (and greatest!?) PvP iteration.
10 Apr 2022

Aetheryte Radio 217: Patch 6.1 Preliminary Patch Notes

Come one, come all for the birth of Aetheryte Radio's PvP team: Cheekies Out! …And all the rest of the upcoming details from Patch 6.1's prelim patch notes, too, I guess.
4 Apr 2022

Aetheryte Radio 216: Live Letter LXX

With Patch 6.1 on the horizon, Live Letter LXX comes just in time to tide us over until the launch on April 12th! Hang out with Fusion, Rook, and Xenedra as they go through the juicy details!
21 Mar 2022

Lorecast 21: Endwalker Patch 6.0 Part 5 by Aetheryte Radio

The most Anonymous of Mooses joins Fusion, Aldianaux, and Rook for the fifth and FINAL part of our Endwalker Patch 6.0 lore breakdown!
14 Mar 2022

Lorecast 20: Endwalker Patch 6.0 Part 4 by Aetheryte Radio

The quest continues, with Anonymoose joining Aldianaux, Rook, and Xenedra as we make our way to Ultima Thule!
7 Mar 2022

Aetheryte Radio 215: Live Letter LXIX

its we have to look forward to in Patch 6.1!
27 Feb 2022

Lorecast 19: Endwalker Patch 6.0 Part 3

Anonymoose joins the AR crew as we pick back up our Endwalker Lorecast series in Elpis, where the original sh*t hits the fan and the tears flow freely! Get your tissues ready folks!
20 Feb 2022

Aetheryte Radio 214: Live Letter LXVIII

Once again, it's live letter time, so what else could we DO, but go through it top to bottom and talk about EVERYTHING!? Hang out with us as we go on a journey into exploring what we'll get in the next TEN YEARS of FFXIV!
14 Feb 2022

Aetheryte Radio 213: Victoria Rosenthal and the Ultimate FFXIV Cookbook

Today Victoria Rosenthal, the author of the Ultimate FFXIV Cookbook, joins Xenedra, Aldianaux, and Rook to talk about her process when it comes to her video game theme cookbooks and so much more!
6 Feb 2022

Aetheryte Radio 212: Chatting with Susan Calloway

Susan Calloway, the voice behind FFXIV's first main theme "Answers," joins the crew today to talk about the song so near and dear to our hearts, her career, and her efforts to bring a little more happiness into the world.