11 months ago

Preview: Eternights

Have you ever played a game that gives you a constant feeling of deja vu? Be that because it resembles something you’ve played before or because it’s just a straight-up copy of another game? That is the exact feeling I experienced during my playthrough of the preview build for Eternights.
17 Mar 2020

Review: Persona 5 Royal

It’s time to get behind the mask and head back into the Metaverse with your favorite Shujin Academy students. Since its original worldwide release in 2017, fans of Persona 5 have been whispering of the day the Phantom Thieves would get their re-release treatment similar to Persona 4 Golden, a game that brought many new
30 Aug 2019

Review: Catherine: Full Body

The original Catherine made waves when it came out with its unflinching approach to confronting the uncomfortable issues surrounding love and lust. Sure, there were plenty of games where sex happened, or where romance played a key role in the plot, but very few dealt with the consequences sex has, or dealt with the more stressful parts of maintaining a relationship. It asked the players themselves about how they felt concerning relationships.
4 Jun 2019

Review: Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

It’s time to grab your popcorn and find your seat for our latest review: Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth for the 3DS.
1 Sep 2014

First Persona 5 Trailer Released

At a Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan press conference earlier this morning, Atlus showed off a surprise for their faithful fans: a new trailer for Persona 5. No real story details were announced, but a general release date was given. The game is expected to be released in Japan in 2015 for both PS3 and
25 Feb 2014

Persona 5 Confirmed for North America

Persona 5, the latest installment out of Atlus, the game studio behind the ever popular Persona series of games, has been indirectly confirmed for a North American release through the launch of its US site. While Atlus has seen some hard times with its parent company, Index, filing for bankruptcy in the summer of last year
31 Aug 2011

Just Too Much Fighting: Now Persona 4 Is In On The Action

Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena is soon to be released in Japanese arcades, with an Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 release pending for 2012. The game is being developed by the Blazblue team, so chances are it won’t suck – Question is, is there a market for another anime fighter? Between this and