11 Sep 2017

PAX West 2017 Quick-Look: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

When I’m out at gaming conventions, I usually tend to spend my time amongst the indie booths and displays from small studios. It’s usually the best way to play more games – everyone else is waiting in the two-hour-long lines at the AAA booths, leaving little-to-no wait elsewhere. While my gaming tastes usually lend well
10 Sep 2017

PAX West 2017 Quick-Look: Legrand Legacy

“A love letter to gaming’s past.” Various permutations of that phrase pop up when a developer is purposely trying to create a “retro” style title, said either by the developer itself or us journalists writing about them. In the case of indie studios, “gaming’s past” often seems to refer to one thing: the 8- or
7 Sep 2017

PAX West 2017 Quick-Look: Necrobarista

Narrative-driven adventure games or visual novels don’t tend to be very common on the floor of a gaming convention. A lengthy story doesn’t lend itself to a short demo, after all, and the general masses are more likely to be attracted to the shooty-jumpy-actiony game that gives you a full experience in five minutes. However,
5 Sep 2017

PAX West 2017 Quick-Look: Square Enix

The flood of game creators and fans is beginning to subside at the Washington State Convention Center here in Seattle as this year’s PAX West conference comes to a close. Both Fusionx and myself were in attendance this year, and we thought the best way to kick off the conference would be to meet up
1 Sep 2017

Lorecast 9: Koji Fox Interview At PAX 2017

We’ve once again had the pleasure to sit down with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to pick his (and Banri Oda’s) brain about the lore of Final Fantasy XIV! Read below for the interview or hit that play button at the bottom to listen to it as the latest episode of Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio! https://media.blubrry.com/ffxiv/gamerescape-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/ffxiv/lore/lorecast9.mp3Podcast: Play
7 Aug 2017

FFXIV Storms into PAX West 2017

Stormblood took us to the Far East, and now the FFXIV team heads west to attend PAX West 2017 in Seattle! We’ll be hosting a Battle Challenge for attending adventurers to test their might against the Lord of Revel himself, as well as a Lore and Localization panel with the one and only Koji Fox!