6 Sep 2016

PAX West Quick-Look: Detached

During most of my time at PAX West, I tended to skip the big, flashy booths from the huge developers, instead seeking out the smaller indie companies showing off their games. Not only did I have a chance to play more games this way (much shorter lines!), but I also got to experience some more
5 Sep 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Interview With Producer Hiroki Fujimoto

Last week I sat down with Hiroki Fujimoto, the Producer on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Before we got into our Q&A session, he gave a me a short presentation about the game and what the team is working on for the future.
5 Sep 2016

Hands On With ToeJam & Earl Back In The Groove

After a successful Kickstarter, Humanature Studios announced that they had a funding partner to help the latest ToeJam & Earl game be made and to get it on consoles. That partner is Adult Swim. While I was visiting the Adult Swim booth at PAX West, I had a chance to sit down and check out
5 Sep 2016

Hands & Head On With Rick And Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality

During my time at PAX, I headed over to the popular Adult Swim booth to check out their latest offerings. Among them  was the Owlchemy Labs developed Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-Ality for the HTC Vive. You read that right, Rick and Morty VR! Coincidentally, this was also my first time experiencing the HTC Vive.
5 Sep 2016

Head On With Resident Evil 7

During my time at PAX West I finally got a chance to sit down and see Resident Evil 7 in PlayStation VR- a task that was neigh impossible during this year’s E3 because of how popular the title was. At the show, Capcom was showing the Kitchen demo. This demo was shown before Resident Evil
5 Sep 2016

Hands On With Pyre

This past weekend at PAX West I had the opportunity to check out the latest game from the creators of Bastion and Transistor. In Pyre, you control a team of three characters as they’re tasked with extinguishing the pyre of the opposing team. A seemingly simple task during the tutorial, I found that the game was trickier
4 Sep 2016

The Silver Case Interview with Suda51

Over this weekend, Goichi Suda (aka Suda51) was present at PAX West in Seattle to discuss and promote the remaster of his company’s first game, The Silver Case. After viewing his panel covering the game on Friday, we had a chance to meet up with him to, with the translation assistance of Active Gaming Media Editor-in-Chief James Mountain,
4 Sep 2016

Hands On With Final Fantasy XV

By now, many of us have seen the near-hour of gameplay footage that was released for Final Fantasy XV. Seeing can be different than playing for yourself however and this week at PAX West I had a chance to sit down with the game to see for myself how much has changed since my time
3 Sep 2016

World of Final Fantasy Interview With Director Hiroki Chiba

At PAX West, we had a chance to sit down and finally get our hands on World of Final Fantasy. Afterwards, we had the fortune of sitting down with the game’s Director, Hiroki Chiba to talk about the game.
3 Sep 2016

Hands-On With World of Final Fantasy

At PAX West, I had the chance to sit down and play the upcoming World of Final Fantasy. Since it’s announcement, which featured chibi-style Final Fantasy characters, we haven’t heard too much about the game and so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I ended up leaving quite impressed with what will be (after
3 Sep 2016

PAX West Quick-Look: A Couple of 2D Side-Scrollers

The top expo floor has quickly become my favorite place to hang out at PAX West this year. Unlike the other two floor filled with giant, flashy displays from a number of large publishers, the top floor is a bit more subdued with a focus on smaller devs and indie titles. While exploring the floor,
3 Sep 2016

PAX West Quick-Look: Doom VR

During the pre-show press hour at PAX West, I knew that I had to take the opportunity to try a game at one of the major booths while I had the chance. After all, once the rest of the public was let in, lines and wait times were going to go through the roof. After
3 Sep 2016

PAX West Quick-Look: Dragon Quest Builders

When I met up with Fusionx yesterday at PAX West, he was already immersed deeply in a slew of upcoming titles from Square Enix. Thanks to his almighty powerful influence, he was able to grab me a demo station at the developer’s media booth to try my hand at an upcoming Dragon Quest spinoff, Dragon Quest
3 Sep 2016

Rock Band Rivals: The Rundown

As a massive fan of rhythm games, the Rock Band series holds a special place in my heart. It devoured most of my free time in both high school and college, and I still bust out the recent Rock Band 4 at least once a week. Therefore, when I was offered the chance to talk to Harmonix
3 Sep 2016

FFXV’s Regalia Plays The MMO Hits

During my time with the master build of Final Fantasy XV today at PAX West, I found myself driving the Regalia, the car that Noctis and his group will be traveling with in the upcoming game. During this time I noticed that the car, like many, can play some tunes. Remembering examples shown of tracks
2 Sep 2016

Suda51 Interested in Remastering More of His Past Work

The first game created by Goichi Suda’s (aka Suda51) studio Grasshopper Manufacture, The Silver Case, is set to receive a PC remaster this Fall, also marking the first English release for the game. Earlier today at PAX West, Suda led a panel discussing this upcoming release, along with the importance of preserving older games and