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4 weeks ago

Aetheryte Radio 239: Patch 6.3 Hype! with Saffista and tori_talks

The patch is upon us! Saffista and tori_talks join Fusion and Rook for a hyped up good time as they go over the patch 6.3 prelim notes and discuss their hopes for what's to come!
10 months ago

Full Patch Notes for FFXIV 6.1 Newfound Adventure Released

The 24hr maintenance prior to the release of 6.1 has now started and with it we got the full and final patch notes which include all of the job adjustments and any miscellaneous changes from the previous preliminary notes. As the list of job changes is too extensive to repeat, please head over to the
7 Dec 2020

Aetheryte Radio 184: Patch 5.4 Preliminary Notes

Our beloved dev team has been slowly hyping us up and at long last, Patch 5.4 is mere days away! To help you make it through the last few days (or even hours!), check out our run down of the Preliminary Patch Notes!