4 months ago

Review: Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Granblue Fantasy is a mobile browser-based gacha JRPG that has probably already provoked some reactions in you just by placing those words adjacent to one another. What is slightly more surprising, however, is that this is a game that has been running since 2014 with a dedicated fanbase and a design ethos that has even
6 months ago

Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 10

It’s hard to deny the equalizing factor of the Jackbox Party Pack series. Regardless of the personalities of those present or overall friend dynamic, the games typically always feature some neat gimmicks that allow for just enough input to foster player creativity and generate a plethora of inside jokes. And infusing alcohol in the mix?
13 Oct 2022

Review: Fueled Up

The last few years have seen an explosion of a certain kind of game, a genre we have yet to really have a solid name for – or if we do, it’s one I haven’t seen floating around. Even if you don’t know the name, though, you know the type. It’s a whole lot of
5 May 2022

Review: RiffTrax: The Game

When you’re creating a follow-up or sequel to a previous game, one of many things to consider is “how much should we change from our previous game?” Changing too much could risk alienating fans of the original, but could bring in new fans. Not changing enough might be seen as being lazy, but may make
8 Apr 2021

Review: What the Dub?!

During the great indoors-ening of the past year, my group of friends has had to find ways to hang out and do things together while staying in our own homes. Most of us being into gaming, this usually defaulted to playing some kind of multiplayer game while chatting on Discord. More often than not, that