Update on the Campaign Code

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We’ve previously reported on the campaign code for FFXIV that will be included with first edition copies of FFXIII in Japan.  Famitsu had reported that the promotion was only for Japan but we haven’t had official confirmation of that until now. Square Enix has updated their support website for Final Fantasy XIV with a couple questions.  One of those pertains to the campaign code: Japanese initial release packages of FINAL FANTASY XIII include a Special Offer Campaign Code for FINAL …

Official Site Updated! Gladiator & Pugilist

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Square Enix has once again updated their official website – this time with information on two of the Disciples of War – the Gladiator and Pugilist.  Square Enix has also identified some of the arms that each class will use.  Let’s see what’s new and perhaps later will have some analysis… Gladiator -The Best Defense- Gladiators are expert swordsmen, known for their battle prowess with blades of all designs: short and long, single- and double-edged, straight and curved. They favor …

Campaign Code for Secret Item

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Ever since the images hit 2ch that there will be a campaign code in the upcoming Japanese release of FFXIII for FFXIV, people have been debating what it could be for.  Today, we have more official information straight from Square Enix. In a FAQ on Square Enix’s Support Center site for FFXIII, it now says: Q) ファイナルファンタジーXIII初回封入特典の「ファイナルファンタジーXIVキャンペーンコード」とはどのようなものですか? (translation) What exactly is the campaign code for FFXIV that will be included with the first edition copies of FFXIII? ————- The answer: …

FFXIV in France and China(?)

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The hours are ticking down until doors open at the Micromania game show in France.  Square Enix has opened an additional site about the event on their European homepage.  It includes a message saying that people will be able to register for information regarding beta testing for FFXIV.  This is similar to what they offered at Tokyo Game Show, encouraging people to sign up online for the newsletter to receive additional information when it comes available.   You can check out …

Aetheryte Radio 4: Lifestyle

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On this episode of Aetheryte Radio we cover some post Tokyo Game Show interviews as well as jump into the latest update of the official Final Fantasy XIV website! We’re also excited to announce that we now have original music provided to us by DJPlaeskool! Corinth joins us this week and discusses the large number of sources that are available to her in the Japanese Media. We’ve been shown all new disciplines in the forum of the Lancer and Alchemist. …

This Week in the Magazines (and more!)

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Going between two languages, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Not only that, but for Final Fantasy XIV, the sites for each region are also presented in entirely different ways. That means sometimes there can be pictures or text in one that doesn’t show up in the either.

At the moment, we have extensive text on the NA site about some of the beast families like Aldgoats and Antelopes. However, the Japanese site does not contain any additional text, just the pictures that were released to the Japanese media as well. For those in Japan, they have to get their information from the magazines released this weekend or one of the several gaming news websites like GAME Watch or 4gamer.

Let’s check out what was in the magazines that isn’t on the NA site as well as what things may have been lost along the way.

First Glimpse of Surnames?

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The official NA website was updated today with new information.  There are also new screenshots as well.  Most of them are from the trailer we saw at Tokyo Game Show.  However, the first image of a Blacksmith and Lancer is very curious. There is a space in the middle of Azagba X’s name.  Is this the first hint we have about how surnames will show up in game?  If so, there is a chance they could be optional when comparing …

Official NA Website Updated!

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Once again, we see very positive movement by Square Enix to keep players updated around the world at the same time.  Today, as many of you already know, Weekly Famitsu magazine in Japan will be releasing an article talking about classes, tools crafters use, and new monsters.  They have also updated the official Final Fantasy XIV website for North America with similar information! They have added new information in three categories which can be easily accessed at the bottom of …

FFXIV Video Only for Tokyo Game Show

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And so it begins.  There is less than a month left until Tokyo Game Show.  Different game companies are slowly starting to release what they will be showing at the event this year before the official TGS website can beat them to the punch.  Today, Square Enix opened their special Tokyo Game Show 2009 website to the public.  The current list of games to be on display is less than half that of last year.  Hopefully their booth isn’t half …

Europe Finally Gets Site Update

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Two weeks ago, both the Japanese and North American websites for Final Fantasy XIV were updated with brand new information. However, for some reason, the european site remained unchanged. Today, the European site for Final Fantasy XIV is finally updated with the same information that the rest of the world had two weeks ago. It was assumed by some that the EU site would be updated along with the release of new information at Gamescom in Germany. However, there is …