The 18 Disciplines of Final Fantasy XIV

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A small update has arrived to the official Final Fantasy XIV website that brings information about the remaining disciplines that will be available to adventurers when the game launches this September. This is sure to only be the tip of the iceberg however, as the developers have said they have plans to include even more disciplines in future version updates. Check out each of the announced disciplines on our wiki for more information Disciples of War Disciples of Magic Disciples …

Official NA Site Updated

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With all the release information it was just a matter of time before the official NA site was updated to reflect the news.  And now it has been!  Not only is the new release information added, but a whole new layout is unveiled – complete with being able to choose your background music!

Official Site Update Part II: Limsa Lominsa Guilds & Landmarks

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As we reported yesterday (or early this morning technically), the official site was updated late last night to include a lot of new information about Ul’Dah and Gridania, plus a glorious world map and some Lore.  But as Inaaca, an attentive community member, quickly pointed out, there was a whole lot of Limsa Lominsa information buried within the update as well!  Square Enix decided to reveal information about a number of the various Landmarks and Guilds within the confines of …

Official Site Update! Ul’dah, Gridania & World Map Revealed

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With the leaked Japanese magazine images just a mere day old, the site update was inevitable – and here it is!  New background information is revealed about the two other starting city-states – Ul’dah and Gridania.  So let’s take a look… Ul’dah: “The bustling commercial hub of Ul’dah sits amid the desolate desert landscape of southern Aldenard.  The city is organized strategically around the dome-shaped citadel at its center.  Its towering fortifications and protective outer walls are visible for malms …

FFXIV Website Update Features Clan Information

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A new update to the official Final Fantasy XIV website gives us information about the two clans affiliated with each of the races that players can choose to play as. Most of the information is stuff we’ve already heard about via translations, however there is an interesting mention of women where it describes the Sea Wolves. Make sure to check out all the information on the clans and while you’re at it, see if the wiki is up to date …

Life in Eorzea #1 Translated

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Curious what they are saying in the video?  The pictures are pretty self-explanatory but there is a bit of humor in the comments the SE staffers make.  If you want to find out, click to continue.  Video spoilers are included of course so if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch that first and then come back here.

Official FFXIV YouTube Channel

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Square Enix has opened an official YouTube Channel for FFXIV!  There is already one amazing video up with in-game footage you’ll want to check out right away.  It’s called Life in Eorzea #1.  Voiceovers are being done by SE staff members familiar to people who played FFXI or saw the recent VanaFest videos.  Hopefully we’ll see English versions and other language versions in the future as well.

Lost (and Gained) in Translation – Abilities and Weapon Skills

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It’s time for a Lost in Translation check!  We have new official information in English but it doesn’t match up with everything that is out in Japanese.  Let’s do a quick comparison of abilities and weapon skills and see what’s changed. Archer Ability Replenish: [J] Use up all of your arrows to be able to fire off multiple arrows at once.  [E] Consume MP to replenish your projectiles to capacity. Marauder Ability Murderous Intent: [J] Increases critical hit rate. [E] …

Final Fantasy XIV Website Update!

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We’ve been impatiently waiting for the update of the official Final Fantasy XIV website for North America ever since we received information about the newest Japanese Magazines, and even more so after the Japan site got their update a few days ago. Have no fear! The NA site is finally updated with new content including screen shots, and a plethora of information about the disciplines! Make sure to check it out! And for those who were lucky enough to receive …

Official Website Update

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The official Final Fantasy XIV website has just been updated with details about character creation as well as the official story that has recently been released. Many new images have also been added to the Media section of the website including what appear to be shots relating to city-states as well as our first glimpse of a map of Eorzea. Character Creation One of the first things mentioned is that Final Fantasy XIV will feature a simple and comprehensive character …