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23 Jun 2011

Linking Forum Character Data

A new function for linking in-game character data with player profiles will be installed as part of the regular Forum maintenance scheduled for June 28th 2011 (Tue). Please click here for further details.
19 May 2011

Akihiko Matsui on: Battle Reform Blueprint

The post that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Final Fantasy XIV Battle Designer Akihiko Matsui has posted information regarding the changes that will be coming to the battle system starting with patch 1.18. Among the items on the list are mentions of auto attack, the job system, changes for enmity viewing and
13 Apr 2011

Dev Tracker: April 12th, 2011

Another day, another slew of Dev Tracker posts! This time its the possibility of two hour abilities, the possible removal of accessory slot cost and much much more! Check out all the posts after the jump!
9 Apr 2011

Dev Tracker: April 8th, 2011

There are a few more Dev tracker posts that came in before the start of the weekend so lets take a look and see what’s being said about gathering fatigue, transportation, and rolling for loot! Check out all the posts after the jump!
7 Apr 2011

Dev Tracker: April 6th, 2011- Bigger is Better

Enhancement of Battle Effects Judging from the recent updates, the Development Team has adopted the old saying “bigger is better”. Looking at an announcement today, effects in battle will see an increase in size of 1.5 to 2 times the current amount. Monster Level Icons- Removing the aggroe icon for monsters We knew this was
5 Apr 2011

Dev Tracker: April 5, 2011

We had quite a bit of information come out of the Official Forums last week. Judging from the recent posts picked up by the Dev Tracker, we’ll be getting some responses from the Development Team in the near future regarding things like accessorize slot cost, and the popular question “Where are my male Miqo’te and
31 Mar 2011

Hiroshi Minagawa on: UI Elements

With patch 1.16 we saw the inclusion of icons that appear next to aggressive monsters. That’s just the beginning of things according to UI lead Hiroshi Minagawa. Even more information will be displayed in the future including the level of the monster as well as a sign to tell players if the monster will link
31 Mar 2011

Akihiko Matsui on: Auto Attack

Back in December, Akihiko Matsui moved from his position as Director of Final Fantasy XI to the Battle Lead on Final Fantasy XIV. A recent post on the Official Forums discusses the ideas he has for the implementation of auto-attack saying that without it “the future battle system would be impossible”. There is also mention
30 Mar 2011

Naoki Yoshida on: Death Penalty

A recent post on the official forums from Naoki Yoshida (via Hvinire) details the current thoughts behind the implementation of a death penalty. Final Fantasy XI veterans might rejoice in hearing that a loss of SP or XP is not currently planned. The two current thoughts on death would include a temporary status down effect