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25 May 2012

FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server Update: Voidwatch, Limbus And More!

Today, various adjustments and updates have been implemented on the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server. We encourage players to give all the in-development content a thorough testing, and look forward to receiving your feedback! Proceed on to peruse the test details.Read on to find out how you can access the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server!
9 Aug 2011

Level Cap Increase

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1021] Level Cap IncreaseProceed to the thread.
15 Apr 2011

The New Version Update Draws Nigh

The next update to FINAL FANTASY XI will be released on Tuesday, May 10.The update will introduce new battlefields as well as an original battle system called Voidwatch, which will target high-level adventurers. As part of our ongoing effort to revital...