23 Jan 2012

Letter from the Producer, XXIII

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the twenty-third Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure! Pore over the complete letter.
13 Apr 2011

Dev Tracker: April 12th, 2011

Another day, another slew of Dev Tracker posts! This time its the possibility of two hour abilities, the possible removal of accessory slot cost and much much more! Check out all the posts after the jump!
18 Nov 2010

FFXIV for the PS3 Details via Famitsu/andriasang

Gaming news website andriasang has a new article up with information from the latest Famitsu Weekly magazine.  Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto gave the magazine a little bit of information about how development for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV is coming along. “The PS3 version is currently 100% complete in terms
14 Sep 2010

Eorzea Prelive Wrap-Up!

Now that the Ebisu event is over, a report has been posted on the site for the event detailing everything that was discussed. You can find a summary of the information posted as well as an additional piece of information from the event about special craft projects after the jump! You can read the full
25 Aug 2010

Tanaka: Foreign Sites Making Up Things About A System We Released No Information On

Hiromichi Tanaka, via his Twitter account, commented on foreign websites that have recently been talking about the Surplus EXP system (which is being called “fatigue” by many players). It appears that the Final Fantasy XIV Producer is upset that people are creating false statements about the experience penalties that players have been experiencing in phase
2 May 2010

This Week in the Magazines: Famitsu Interviews Tanaka and Komoto

I’m back!  I’ve moved into a brand new apartment that is much nicer than my old place.  It’s also not flooded out and molding which is a plus.  Sadly, moving meant no Internet access for awhile.  I’ve been wondering about what’s been happening in the world of FFXIV and it seems like a ton of
9 Apr 2010

Famitsu and Dengeki Interviews Regarding Alpha

Two articles have recently surfaced in the Japanese Press over the last few days. Unfortunately our trusty translator Corinth is in the process of moving into a new apartment due to some unexpected issues regarding water. I worked a bit with Elmer from ZAM to clean up the images from the Famitsu article and as
28 Sep 2009

GAME Watch Interviews Tanaka and Komoto at TGS

A surprise interview!  GAME Watch got to spend a little bit of time with both Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto at Tokyo Game Show this past week.  The two dropped by Makuhari Messe for the interview, which was conducted in the public lobby area.  They talked about the trailer and the upcoming beta
21 Sep 2009

This Week in the Magazines

Now in Tokyo!  Very tired but I can’t turn off the computer until I tell you some of the nifty things from this week in the magazines.  For example….  where does the music for the trailer come from?  Tanaka reveals the answer in the full length version of the interview done with Enterbrain’s Hamamura.  And
17 Sep 2009

This Week in Magazines: Part 2 (Dengeki PlayStation)

We are now just one week away from Tokyo Game Show, the biggest video game expo of the year in Japan.  A trailer will be shown in the Open Mega Theatre but we won’t know until the event starts whether it’s just an old one or not.  Japanese fans are likely to feel slighted if
11 Sep 2009

This Week in the Magazines: Part 1 with Famitsu

For this week’s issue, we’ll have two parts.  Today, part 1 with the interesting little bits pulled from Weekly Famitsu. The other day, Gahoo linked to an article on 1up.com featuring opinions on online gaming from three different Japanese game makers.  What was available there was actually just a small portion of a big feature
9 Sep 2009

Nobuaki Komoto speaks out about online gaming in Japan

1up.com published an article entitled: “The Future of Online Gaming in Japan: The people behind FFXIV and Phantasy Star Online weigh in.”  Despite the seeming popularity in Japan of Final Fantasy XI, and surely of Final Fantasy XIV, the article details why overall online gaming in Japan is less popular than in the United States
31 Aug 2009

Famitsu WaveDVD: Hiro and Hama’s Little Chat

Last month we learned that Final Fantasy XIV would be the cover title for this month’s issue of Famitsu WaveDVD magazine.  Despite not having anything from the recent gamescom, the DVD contains over 12 minutes of footage for FFXIV.  Most of it is between Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura.  A few comments
7 Aug 2009

This Week in Weekly Famitsu: Interview info included

This week there are more pages than usual in Weekly Famitsu. Monster Hunter 3 is on the cover with the main Weekly Famitsu mascot getting ready for battle. There is also a 100 page mini guide! Wish I had known that before buying the Rookie’s Guide last night. Let’s take a look into this exciting
13 Jun 2009

This Week in the Magazines

Every Friday, Weekly Famitsu comes out with general information on console games.  Approximately every two weeks, Dengeki PlayStation covers PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 news.  This week, both have their E3 reports. Let’s take a look at how the Japanese printed press treated FFXIV this week:
7 Jun 2009

Dengeki Interview @ E3 2009

A few days ago we reported on Elmer’s summary of the Japanese media’s coverage of Square Enix’s E3 interviews on Final Fantasy XIV. Today, we can give a more detailed look at what one of those interviews had to say. Most of the answers are things we already know, however it seems that a beta
4 Jun 2009

Japanese Media Covers Final Fantasy XIV at E3

Elmer over at ZAM has written up a summary from three popular Japanese news sources (GameWatch, 4Gamer, Famitsu) who all got the chance to sit down with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto after the Square Enix E3 press conference on Wednesday. In the information given, Tanaka mentions that initially, they wanted to add a second
4 Jun 2009

IGN Reveals More Info With Q&A

Yesterday the team over at IGN was able to get in an interview with the team behind Final Fantasy XIV and get some more information about the upcoming game. The interview answers questions about chocobos, music composition, and even things that are hidden in the game’s logo done by Yoshitaka Amano! You can check out
3 Jun 2009

Final Fantasy XIV E3 2009 Q&A

This afternoon during Square Enix’s E3 press conference, there was a Q&A session regarding the newly announced Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix representatives including the producer of both FFXI and FFXIV, Hiromichi Tanaka, answered questions regarding the new game. It is also worth noting that Michael Christopher Koji Fox was in attendance as a translator.