1 month ago

Review: Still Joking

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love games that make me think. Especially when it pertains to things I normally wouldn’t even consider. For example, does the reflection of me in the mirror have a life outside of being my reflection? Is there a whole other world I don’t know about?
14 Oct 2022

Review: Potionomics

More often than not, the games I review here are not games I specifically knew about beforehand. That is not the case for Potionomics, though. I forget how far back I first learned about it, but I had flagged it as something that looked lovely and like it could be a lot of fun quite
28 Sep 2021

Review: Lost Judgment

I think it’s pretty well known by now that SEGA is none too shy about how much they’re leaning into all aspects of the Yakuza franchise. Which is great, because lately the main franchise and now the Judgment side of things were supposed to have split off into two separate playstyles. Last year’s Yakuza: Like
11 Aug 2021

Review: Fire Tonight

You know, seeing media set in eras that you’ve personally lived through (even at a very young age) is weird. On one hand, you’re already accustomed to many of the aesthetics and everything else surrounding it. On the other, it’s a window for those who haven’t actually lived through it. No matter how you slice