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1 week ago

Review: Nacon RIG 600 PRO HS Headset

A while back, I wrote a review covering the rather excellent RIG 800 PRO HX gaming headset, and about the only negative thing I could come up with is it’s rather difficult-to-activate power button. With that being the worst thing about it, it sets my expectations high for their next-generation headsets. The 600 PRO has
4 months ago

Review: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

With any mammoth franchise, it’s standard practice to create tie-in media that seeks to fill in the gaps of a greater narrative canon. This is just as true for The Lord of the Rings as it is for other IPs, and when it comes to video games in particular, the series has seen a lot
6 months ago

Preview: Ravenswatch

It feels like we really have already passed the point wherein we should be getting dozens of deeply felt YouTube videos about what makes a good roguelite game, or else we already have been getting them and I just happen to have somehow missed them over the past several years. The thought was on my
1 year ago

Review: Steelrising

It goes without saying that many developers have tried their hand at the Soulslike genre over the years. Generally speaking, the most successful of these attempts are those that take the familiar staples of the genre and reinterpret them to create an experience that’s fresh and engaging while still staying true to player expectation. If
1 year ago

Hardware Review: Nacon RIG 800 PRO Gaming Headset

If you’re a modern gamer, you very likely have or want to have headphones of some variety so you can enjoy your favorite games (and often their music) to their fullest without disturbing others. Particularly in the last decade or two, numerous companies have taken on the challenge of creating a good audio experience from
1 year ago

Hardware Review: Nacon RIG Revolution X Controller

If you’re a regular here, you may remember the review we did a while back on Nacon’s Pro Compact controller for Xbox systems and Windows 10/11, and what we have here today can fairly be described as its big brother: the Revolution X. Billed as “competition grade,” it does pack in some additional features and
5 Jul 2021

Hardware Review: RIG Pro Compact Controller

I’ll be honest. My first gaming device was a computer – the Commodore 64. I laid my hands on it barely after I learned to walk. Despite being a big Nintendo fan and getting the original NES for Christmas when I was six, I’ve actually played more games using a keyboard (and mouse later) than
16 Jun 2021

Preview: Blood Bowl 3

Here at Gamer Escape we recently had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the latest video game iteration of a classic board game inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Blood Bowl. Having recently undergone a major rules update, Blood Bowl 3 is being released on PC taking advantage of the new rule set. If