2 months ago

Review: Still Joking

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love games that make me think. Especially when it pertains to things I normally wouldn’t even consider. For example, does the reflection of me in the mirror have a life outside of being my reflection? Is there a whole other world I don’t know about?
27 Jan 2022

Review: The VII Enigma

Is anyone else tired of some modern games not being able to put forth clear narratives? I recently experienced this with The Good Life, SWERY’s newest title, and now find myself in the same boat with The VII Enigma, a character-driven sci-fi mystery visual novel developed and published on PC via Steam by Spire Games.
15 Oct 2021

Review: The Good Life

I’d like to think that given my long stint as a gamer, I have experienced everything that video games have to offer. However, there are times when I am made to realize that is not the case. Unfortunately, those experiences aren’t always positive, as is the case with The Good Life, an RPG adventure game
5 Dec 2019

Review: Interrogation – You Will Be Deceived

Again, I found a game sat across the table from me. It had answers, and I’d crack this nut one way or another. Sure, I’d start playing the way it wanted to be played, but if it refused to cooperate, well…I had ways of breaking it.
18 Nov 2019

Review: Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

Back in 2014, Square Enix entered into an interesting experiment. One that would help indie developers pitch ideas, gain public interest, and possibly receive assistance in the creation and publication of their work. That experiment is known as the Square Enix Collective.