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25 May 2012

Announcing the FINAL FANTASY XI: 10th Anniversary Concert

As we continue celebrating 10 years of FINAL FANTASY XI, we're proud to announce the FINAL FANTASY XI: 10th Anniversary Concert to be held at the beautiful Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, California on September 22, 2012! The special event will feat...
21 Oct 2011

Track Lists Revealed for -PLUS- Soundtrack And Spinet

The track list for next month’s FINAL FANTASY XI Original Soundtrack -PLUS- is now available via the albums official (japanese) website! This list includes “An Ode to Heroes Fallen” and “Wings of Dawn” which were tracks used in trailers for the Wings of the Goddess expansion and never actually used in the game as far
27 Sep 2011

A Look At The Maestro’s Baton

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about the special Final Fantasy XI concert being held on November 11th. We noted that those that were lucky enough to get in through their lottery system would receive a special in-game item and we predicted that the item would be the Maestro’s Baton which was recently included
14 Sep 2011

FFXI Vana-Con Anniversary 11.11.11

Today, Square Enix announced FINAL FANTASY XI Vana-Con Anniversary 11.11.11 for Japan. The event will be a concert featuring the most popular songs from Final Fantasy XI including the original game, expansions and add-on content. Being held at Katsushika Symphonic Hills’ Mozart Hall, the Orchestra will be conducted by Masahiko Enkouji who has previously been
30 Aug 2011

“FINAL FANTASY XI Original Soundtrack -PLUS-“

We are proud to announce a brand-new, two-disc album titled FINAL FANTASY XI Original Soundtrack -PLUS-, which will begin shipping on November 15, 2011, for $29.99, exclusively from the Official Square Enix Online Store!This massive, double-disc set co...
10 Aug 2011

New Gaming Publisher In The House! … Mad Catz? Oh…

Over the years developing company Harmonix has gone through a lot of publishers, and a lot of ups and downs, not only internally but most typically when it comes to the publishers and companies they outsource to design their peripherals and print their software. Now, Mad Catz, formerly known exclusively for their work in peripherals
2 Jul 2011

Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 2 Now Available

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Surely you just LOVE things you don’t have to pay for… right? Adding to the three part collection, the second volume of Portal 2: Songs to Test By is now available. Volume two includes 18 tracks focused around some of the most important areas in the game- the test chambers!
21 Jun 2011

Pinkie Pie Vs. Derpy Hooves… Fight!

Or at least we can only hope! Little is known about the mod at the moment, but it looks promising. It is currently going as “MLP: Fighting is Magic“, a working title which will likely stick. The mod/dev team, dubbing themselves “Team Mane6” have a rather brief FAQ, and if they deliver what they promise
25 May 2011

Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 1 Now Available

We all get the occasional urge to do science, but what happens when we have that urge away from our respective testing devices? Now you can help calm that feeling with volume one of Portal 2’s Songs To Test By. The first of three volumes includes twenty two tracks from the Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory.
31 Aug 2010

Eorzea ― The Making of a Realm #6: Music

The sixth chapter of “The Making of a Realm” is now available on youtube! This time… music!
26 Aug 2010

Susan Calloway Revealed As Singer For Final Fantasy XIV’s Theme: “Answers”

A look at this weeks Famitsu from FFXIV-Fan not only reveals the name of the theme that Nobuo Uematsu created for Final Fantasy XIV but also the person who will be singing it. Susan Calloway will be the singer for Final Fantasy XIV’s theme: “Answers” which Famitsu reports can be heard during certain parts of
6 Aug 2010

Two Final Fantasy XIV Music CD’s Announced For Japan!

Just announced via the Japanese FFXIV Twitter account, two CD’s will be released on September 29th in Japan. Those CDs are FINAL FANTASY XIV / Field Tracks and FINAL FANTASY XIV / Battle Tracks. Each will sell for ¥1,500(~$15 US). You can check out the site for the CD’s here. No mention of whether or
10 Jun 2010

Pet Food Alpha 208: Four Year Special

Community Team Discussion, Ragnarok, Live Chat, and more! Beckett SS Contest MMM Announcement! New Weapon Skills to Wield! Message from FFXI Director Ogawa Chat with Community Team Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:27:04 — 134.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS | More
30 Nov 2009

Distant Worlds II Coming to Stockholm With New CD

Today we have learned via the Distant Worlds Facebook page that the concert series will be making a second trip back to Stockholm on June 12th. The concert series will be making its second appearance in Chicago in December, however it’s still dubbed “Distant Worlds” what could be making them add a ‘two’? A new
18 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 1: A Collaborative Effort

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Eorzeapedia podcast: Aetheryte Radio! Aetheryte Radio is the collaborative effort of two of the most popular Final Fantasy XI podcasts: Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. We’ve come together to deliver you a fun and exciting show that covers everything related to Final Fantasy XIV.
28 Jun 2009

Final Fantasy XIV To Be Represented In Distant Worlds Concert Series

Yesterday, the Distant Worlds concert series came to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, Maryland. One Eorzeapedia community member was fortunate enough to attend the concert and posted about their experience in our forums. During the performance, the E3 trailer for Final Fantasy XIV was played on the large screens that were set up for