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2 weeks ago

Review: Tower of Fantasy

Every once in a while, something comes along to surprise you. You got the job, a freak thunderstorm appears out of nowhere, or perhaps best of all, you come across a game that defies your expectations. Tower of Fantasy is an action-oriented MMORPG now available on mobile and PC that aims to take on some
7 months ago

Review: Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

Back in August of last year, we saw the release of the first batch of Square Enix’s Pixel Remasters with Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III. Since then, we’ve also seen the release of Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy V with the same treatment. And now, because of how counting works,
10 months ago

Review: Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster

Media preservation is a funny thing. Films, television and music have obviously been around a lot longer than video games have. Because of that, there’s a bit more reverence and concern for preserving the good and bad of everything for future generations to experience. Shift that focus to video games and that gets a little
1 year ago

Review: Bustafellows

I have to admit that it’s a great time to be an otome fan. I remember when the only source of otome games available in the west were either fan-translated ports or very questionable-looking games on sites like Newgrounds. We now get new otome releases almost every year, and as a long-time player of dating
25 Feb 2021

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and The First Soldier Revealed for Mobile

Hot on the heels of the end of service approaching for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts mobile game, they company has come out to give first looks at not one, but two new games set in the Final Fantasy VII universe that are coming to mobile devices. The first is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis which
25 Feb 2021

Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road Ending Service Later This Year

Today, Square Enix announced that their mobile game based on the popular Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road, will be ending service later this year on May 30. A message from series Director Tetsuya Nomura says that the story will be “coming to a close” and that “The excitement and intensity of
21 Jul 2020

Review: Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

Point-and-click adventure games are one of those genres that faded away for a long while, then started to get a resurgence once two facts of video games became clear. The first is that it’s a lot easier for a small team to put together a point-and-click game than anything else beyond perhaps a basic platformer;
3 Dec 2019

Review: Simulacra

An increasing interest in alternate reality games, or ARGs, has led to a surge in titles focused on using items such as our own phones to uncover secrets. A Normal Lost Phone is a great example of storytelling through the use of a mobile phone to uncover more information about the fictional phone’s missing owner.
30 Nov 2019

Review: Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

Here at Gamer Escape, doing the same-old, same-old just isn’t good enough. So we’re switching things up a bit here with a mobile game review! Now I’m personally not the biggest mobile game player out there. That said, I do have a bit of a soft spot for what are commonly known as “gacha games.”
27 Apr 2016

Final Fantasy XI Reboot- A First Look

This week at the Nexon Developers Conference, the first ever images of the new Final Fantasy Mobile game were shown and wound up on a Japanese blog, the images bearing the title, “Final Fantasy XI Reboot”. As many of you well remember, back in March 2015, Square Enix announced The Vana’Diel Project– a means to
27 Apr 2016

Nintendo Announces NX Date And IPs Coming To Mobile

Nintendo just dropped some big news bombs on us during a shareholders meeting and press briefing in Japan. Nintendo has announced that their next console, known as the Nintendo NX will be launching globally in March of 2017. Additionally, it won’t be present at E3 where instead, the company is going to be pushing the
7 Apr 2016

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Now Available

Today, the newest entry in the Kingdom Hearts series arrives on iOS and Android devices. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (we’re told it’s pronounced “key”) allows players to create their own keyblade wielder and traverse many unique Disney worlds while collecting and fusing medals that contain the power of popular characters. Kingdom Hearts franchise director Tetsuya Nomura also
6 Apr 2016

Justice Monsters Five

During the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, Square Enix revealed the brand new mini-game for FFXV- Justice Monsters Five. Not only is it going to be playable within Final Fantasy XV, but the game will also be released as a standalone title for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. It’s a pinball game featuring role-playing elements
9 Feb 2016

Final Fantasy IX Now Available On Mobile

  Today, Square Enix released Final Fantasy IX on both Android and iOS. The game is currently on sale to celebrate the launch, selling for $16.99 until February 21st. No word on when the PC version will release yet, but we’re going to put our Gil down on “soon”.
4 Feb 2016

Final Fantasy App Users Get FFII For Free

  One year ago, the Final Fantasy Portal App launched in Japan. To celebrate its one year anniversary, those who have the app installed on their mobile device will be able to download Final Fantasy II (portal version) for free starting today, February 4th at 7:00 PM PST until February 14th. Make sure to note as
31 Dec 2015

Final Fantasy IX Coming To PC And Mobile

The last title of the PlayStation One era, Final Fantasy IX, is soon making its way to Windows, iOS and Android. The game will come with “high-definition graphics”, achievements, auto-save, high speed mode and other game boosting features which will probably similar to the ones included with the other PSX versions that have been re-released. You
14 Dec 2015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper’s Big Update and Sweepstakes

Final Fantasy Record Keeper received a big update today bringing with it UI changes and a bunch of great additions such as improved inventory management (upgrade items don’t take up equipment slots now!) a Library that provides background information and much more. You can check out some images of the changes below. To commemorate this massive
17 Sep 2015

FFXIV Comes to Record Keeper Tonight

The Flames of Vengeance event featuring characters and items from Final Fantasy XIV is coming to the Final Fantasy Record Keeper mobile game tonight at 5:00 PM PDT. “Characters and equipment from FINAL FANTASY XIV finally come to FFRK in the Flames of Vengeance event! Thancred and Y’shtola, Scions of the Seventh Dawn, join the
14 Sep 2015

New Final Fantasy Grandmasters Video

A new promotional video has been released for Final Fantasy Grandmasters ahead of the Tokyo Game Show which starts later this week. Grandmasters is a part of the Vana’diel Project and is a mobile RPG that takes place in the Final Fantasy XI world of Vana’diel. Currently the game has only been officially announced for Japan.
10 Sep 2015

New Mobile Pokemon Game Announced

The Pokemon Company, an offshoot of Nintendo focused on the Pokemon franchise, hosted a press conference today to announce new games and a new direction in business strategy. While still ongoing at the time of writing, one of the more remarkable announcements of the conference involved Nintendo’s move into mobile gaming. At the conference, The