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1 year ago

Preview: Book of Travels

The moment it launched its Kickstarter campaign in October of 2019, Book of Travels built itself up to be a different kind of online game. Developer Might and Delight labeled it not as an MMORPG, but a TMORPG (that’s Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG) which places players in a large world with no immediate objective apart
28 Sep 2011

City Of Heroes: Freedom Brings The Franchise Into The F2P Market

City Of Heroes is looking mighty gray these days, the 2004 MMO standing the test of time longer than many of it’s competitors. Of course, like all MMO’s, it’s numbers are dwindling. So enters City Of Heroes: Freedom, a F2P version of the game that likely hopes to draw in new players, and keep the
28 Sep 2011

Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Confirmed(?) For 2011

“We’re going to go into closed beta by the end of this year for sure,” lead content designer Colin Johanson reaffirmed to Eurogamer at the EG Expo 2011. As announced by Eurogamer, Guild Wars 2 appears to be slated for closed beta starting as early as November 2011, according to designer Colin Johanson, and a
9 Jul 2011

Follow-Up Kliskpinion: What If It Isn’t A Kingdom Hearts MMO?

The main thing that makes a KH MMO a difficult sell is the fact that, well, let me sum it up: Disney. They’re not going to particularly want their characters on an ever evolving online world where their franchise(s) could, arguably, be slandered and graffiti’d by online hooligans. The ‘Disney Factor’ cannot be forgotten, and
5 Jul 2011

Why A Kingdom Hearts MMO Would Work

A few months ago, Square Enix let the cat out of the bag and told everybody that they were getting ready to reveal yet another MMO. An official announcement will be made before the end of this fiscal year (March 2012). Around the world you could hear thousands of gamers and fan boys alike saying
19 Jun 2011

Spiral Knights, Sega’s F2P MMO, Now Available On Steam

Much like Champions Online, Sega is taking advantage of Steam’s MMO support by allowing their 2009 free-to-play title Spiral Knights available on the popular Valve service. As a huge perk, you can use your Steam account to play – No registering with Spiral Knights itself required. I haven’t had a huge chance to play the
25 May 2011

Square Enix Revealing New MMO “Sometime This Year”

During a recent financial meeting, Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced that the company is working on a big MMO in addition to the more recent Final Fantasy XIV. Wada stated “I think we will reveal it sometime this year”. Also mentioned in their financial report, Square Enix has plans to “Revitalize our major MMO